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Anyone want to join me in blitzing their house today ??

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IllegallyBrunette Wed 20-Aug-08 09:17:40

I will be away Thursday - Sat afternoon and my mum is having my kids here so I need it to be reasonably tidy before I go. At the mo it is a tip.

Today I need to ...

Do spag bol to put in slow cooker
Clean kitchen, dinning room, living room and hall.

12345678910 Wed 20-Aug-08 09:42:50

yes i want to join in, my bedroom is a tio and to top it off the cat peed on the bed last nite, disgusting!

kitchen a tip and clothes everywhere i am going out this afternoon but and have an exercise class tonight but if i have to stay up to 1 am i am getting my bedroom sorted, so its looks like a haven again.

IllegallyBrunette Wed 20-Aug-08 11:57:11

How are you doing ??

So far I have ..

Made spag bol
Vacuumed all of downstairs
Picked up crap
Cleaned kitchen surfaces and put dishes away.

Still need to move washing upstairs and mop kitchen floor.

AprilMeadow Wed 20-Aug-08 12:16:54

I'll join you. grin

Made a lsit last night of all the things that needed doing and it came to 14!

So far i have:
put the washing on x2 loads
cleaned the kitchen
run the hoover round
wrapped parcels that need to be posted
sorted out the dead flowers in the vases

Still to do:
strip all the beds and wash the linen
make some fairy cakes for a friends birthday
clean the bathrooms
sort the kids rooms out

and put the mountain of clothes away that just seems to grow!

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