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limescale on kettle!

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caykon Mon 18-Aug-08 14:17:03

I have got limescale that has gone hard round the top of my kettle where the lid goes and round the rim of the lid. How do I get it off?

Alexa808 Mon 18-Aug-08 14:53:49

Rinse with vinegar. Alternatively you can also fill the kettle with 4 fingers deep water, pour in vinegar and then boil. Be careful to keep the water much lower than normal, but with the binegar on boil it just nukes all the limescale. You can also leave it in a bit longer.

For the rims dip sponge (rough scrubbing top) into vinegar and brush the limescale off.

caykon Mon 18-Aug-08 16:58:59

looks like i don't need to bother, my kettle has died typical at least I can have a new shiney one

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