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Where can I get a media table/storage system to go under the tv to hide the digital boxes?

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mamhaf Sun 17-Aug-08 16:17:06

We're going to get a new tv soon, and need a dark wood table/cabinet to go underneath it to house the Wii and DVD/digital boxes.

It either needs glass doors so the remote controls will work or some sort of fretwork on the front...the boxes look ugly imo and I want to hide them as much as possible.

I've seen an Egyptian chest with fretwork which would do the job nicely - we've asked for a quote on one in the size we'd need - but the owner of the shop we saw a smaller version in hasn't come back with a price and I'm now looking for alternatives as I suspect she might be unreliable.

I'm going for an ethnic/rustic type of feel in the room, hence the desire for dark wood...nothing so far in the shops we've scoured.

Any ideas anyone? TIA.

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