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brown flakes on clean washing

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LidlLover2 Sun 17-Aug-08 15:30:25

My washing is coming out covered in an increasing amount of brown/grey bits. What are they? Old detergent maybe? How can I get rid of them?

JackieNo Sun 17-Aug-08 15:35:52

Sounds as if you need to give your washing machine a bit of a clear out. First I'd check the filter, and give it a clean, then I'd clean out the washing powder drawer, and where it goes into the machine. Then do a hot wash (hottest possible), either with just detergent, or with a cupful of white vinegar (and with no clothes in it, or possibly an old towel or two). Hopefully that will sort it out.

LidlLover2 Mon 18-Aug-08 14:55:09

Thanks. I'll try that.

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