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Effing washer/dryer not washing or drying???

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PinkChick Sat 16-Aug-08 20:23:40

lets water go in to 'just' wet clothes then knob starts clicking round and round and round, all the while making the noises that it IS working and washing...but it ISNT???????? DOES spin/turn when wetting the clothes, but then doesnt go round to properly wash??????????????...a week or two ago i tried using dryer function and everything was still cold and wet after 2 go's?????? i have to give in and get a new bloody expensive one????sad

MaureenMLove Sat 16-Aug-08 20:27:27

Aw mate. Bummer. Do you know anyone that's good with a screwdriver? It could be something really simple. I don't know what else to suggest really.

PinkChick Sun 17-Aug-08 16:44:29

<<sigh>>have ahd to go buy a new one today sad..we think this one ahd hot and cold feed, all new ones only have cold feed and think two things!..builder has only connected it to cold water supply plus the heating element may have gone!..farking hell!
now we got to get builder who is actually coming to finish off in morn to disconnect old one and reconnect this one...just as long as they dont deliver to us first (8-12!) when builer is not here, our flood was caused by some nob not connecting things properly, so only want this builder to do it as he fitted all the new drainage etc!..not heard back form him yet!..<flapping emocion>>smile...BTW, just been on FB, lurve your kitchen!smile

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