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Question re: drains for anyone who uses Emulsifying ointment/Epaderm or similar in the bath

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suiledonn Sat 16-Aug-08 09:42:06

Just wondering if you find the greasiness of these is having an effect on your drains. We are having a lot of trouble with ours getting blocked. Does anyone know if there is a good way to keep it from causing problems?

suiledonn Sat 16-Aug-08 17:54:54

bump for the most boring thread ever!

welovepinkmilk Sun 17-Aug-08 07:48:44

We have the same problem, just have to clean the bathroom drains a lot! I've found that the soda crystals work the best and are cheap too

lucysmam Sun 17-Aug-08 11:35:19

nothing to do with any type of emusiifying ointment or anything like that but may be of some use to you, we had a blockage in the kitchen a while back and local diy shop man recommended caustic soda, it kind of dissolves any blockages. Or those drain buster things do the same thing but i found them to be quite expensive and had to use the whole bottle in one go whereas the caustic soda you dissolve in warm water, pour down the drain and leave for about half an hour, flush away with plenty of clean (it says boiling on the bottle) but i just used hot water tap & blockage should go with it.

may be of absolutely no use to you whatsoever but thought i'd suggest anyways smile

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