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Wednesday Fly - Midweek mayhem

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TheMadHouse Wed 13-Aug-08 08:07:21

Morning all


EustaciaVye Wed 13-Aug-08 08:09:45

Morning Guys.

Out of touch with the missions so will try and get some done today. Going away for weekend on Friday so my aim is to have the house looking good before I go.

TheMadHouse Wed 13-Aug-08 08:10:33

I have had a whole nights sleep. I went to bed at 9pm and sleep till 6am. DH got up with DS2 at midnight and again at 4am. I feel so much better. I think I will try and have early nights all week if possible.

Ruby How long is he going for and when?

Lucys Hope you enjoyed the film

Morning routine is done, apart from breakfasts

Today I will be mostly swimming with DS1!

I also need to go and put in a repeat prescription for my HRT grin

RupertTheBear Wed 13-Aug-08 08:11:55

Morning all

My outlaws arrive at 2 and they are show home not a thing out of place kind of people so I need to get my house sorted by then. Wish me luck! I made my dh do loads of tidying up yesterday (after all they are his parents) so I only really need to clean not tidy.

EHM Wed 13-Aug-08 08:32:19

tmhglad you feel better is ds feeling?
EVwhere you off too? good luck with getting house looking good before you go.
Ruby china looks very foggy on the TV. My BIL worked there for a few months nearly 3 years ago. He really liked it. How long is DH away for & can you & the girls go with?
rupertgood look with the outlaws.

Need to sort ellie's clothes today.piles of too small clothes to go into charity collection bags, along with the toys we sorted on sunday. Don't think any of her winter stuff from last year will fit this year. Her legs re getting very long.

Have a great day all.x.x

lucysmam Wed 13-Aug-08 08:38:10

Morning mad EV and Rupert, and everyone else smile

i have no motivation whatsoever today! feel knackered but only because we sat up and watched wanted on laptop last night n i didnt get into bed til gone midnight. am normally a 10:30pm gal!

Mad I like early nights like that sometimes, feel all refreshed and awake when I get up!

Rupert good luck with the cleaning, don't envy you having outlaws like them! Mine are pretty cool n never pick fault really so am lucky!

EV you going anywhere nice at the weekend?

Not sure what to do today so going to start with filling wm with clothes lo threw up on last night and shine my sink since i didnt get round to it last night. after that I'll have a look at the mission, and then maybe I'll think about some kind of list.

have a good day all, bbl xx

TheMadHouse Wed 13-Aug-08 08:42:05

EHM I did the boys clothes this week. I have a small pile of reallt good ones to ebay and sent 2 black sacks to a friend. It is nice for the drawers and wardrobes to be sorted - I can see the what I need for DS1. DS2 is still full of goo - but a little happier in himself.

Did you find a driving instructor?

EV Morning - Hope the tablets are working and you are feeling better

EHM Wed 13-Aug-08 09:03:59

lucysmam poor lo hope ok today.
TMH I have kept back a few items to ebay.Hope goo clears soon. have just emailed driving school this morning. recommended by my neighbour as they teach in automatic cars. She learnt & passed last year. I was dreaming about it last nightsad Not only is there the theory test, there a kind of show & tell part now. where does this go & how do you do this part of the car. Not feeling good about it now. hoping to get an assessment lesson before going to my parents next wk.

rowingboat Wed 13-Aug-08 09:10:58

Morning everyone*
I can't believe it - staying up till midnight, gasp. There goes the neighbourhood. winkNice cup of coffee get you going!
THM I'm glad to hear DS2 is feeling a bit better and you had a whole night's SLEEP!! Hurray!
Rupert laughing at the 'outlaws', hope they don't rustle your cattle. Mine are a bit super-tidy as well, but they are
very sweet they never comment on our house. grin
Eustacia are you going to do all of the missions do you think?
EHM you are so organised sorting out the clothes. Do you put anything on Ebay?

EustaciaVye Wed 13-Aug-08 09:24:15

Rowing boat. Yes, my 'mission' for today is to clean the bathroom properly and that includes all of the daily missions.

Going out now, but back later.

EHM Wed 13-Aug-08 09:48:10

rowingboat mine done comment on the house which veryangry Never ebayed clothes before but sold recently my tumble dryer, nursing chai/stool. But I've kept back a few nicer/more expensive items to ebay. I'll put the money too any winter items I need to buy ellie.
EV have the meds kicked in?

RupertTheBear Wed 13-Aug-08 09:56:58

Rowingboat - they don't actually comment on the house but they say things like shall we take the dcs out for a couple of hours so you can get some stuff done, and fil washed my kitchen floor once grrrr. (Probably complete over reaction to be annoyed by that but I took it as criticism!)
I have ebayed loads of clothes in the past and have a huge heap of stuff upstairs waiting to be listed - I find it a real pain taking stuff to the post office all the time and it takes ages to list stuff but I suppose it is worth it in the end!

lucysmam Wed 13-Aug-08 10:29:52

EHM she's fine today, no idea where it came from either as she'd been fine all yesterday too but then covered me in puke

lol rowingboat I know, it's shocking!! grin

rupert that's drive me potty!!! wouldn't be able to keep my big mouth shut!

I have some stuff to list on ebay too but never get chance it seems. Plus i suspect the girl who works there doesn't like me as she's always going on her break when I go and i end up having to wait for someone else.

so far mission done, pots washed but not away yet and wm on with lights in as not entirely sure where oh has put sicky clothes from yesterday! what to do next???? cuppa i think. tis hard work when you don't feel like you've had enough sleep

rowingboat Wed 13-Aug-08 10:52:27

Grrr, at EHMs & Ruperts in/outlaws. Washing the floor indeed, it's OK if you asked him to, but otherwise a bit odd. Is he a sweetie who just wants to help or the kind of person who would 'make a point' by doing something like that?
Eustacia it's like being Tom Cruise - all those missions. grin
Lucys I think you might need to go round to Rupert's and EHM's to deal with the in/outlaws? Poo! at the sicky clothes. shock

OK better get on - have been looking for DP's birthday present online for the past hour or so.

Morning routine (just)
hotspots 6 mins
s&s bathroom 5 mins
dressed me and LO 5 mins
vits LO done
vits me
washing hung out/up
go to shops for milk
hoover 10 mins done

run number 2 today

think about dinner
get ready for work
go to work

do 2 more tiles (stop stop!)
wash up
kitchen rescue 5 mins

right, must move NOW

Shannaratiger Wed 13-Aug-08 11:12:55

Morning all

DS has got a bad cold and is all bunged up and miserable, cancelled his haircut this morning so he's still asleep. Won't be going to the family funday either sad, DD would have really enjoyed it.
I really should be getting lots of stuff done whilst DS is asleep but I have zero motivation today, at least the morning routine is done if nothing else.

TMH glad you've caught up on some sleep, enjoy swimming.
Rupert it's my parents that I tidy up for. Mum always 'helps' me with my kitchen as soon as lunch is mentioned, really annoys dp I just let her get on with it. smile
EHM I've started sorting out dc's and our clothes. Unfortunately the pile waiting to go to the clothes bank is rising at an alarming rate. Just need to force dp to sort his clothes out, I swear he's never done it in his whole life.
EV I usualy do all the bathroom misions in one go as I find it so much easier.
lucy glad lo is feeling better today.

I'm now going to go and do some FLYign not sure where t ostart though, probably our bedroom then I won't have to listen to teletubbies. grin

littlemissloopy Wed 13-Aug-08 12:14:43

Hi everyone smile

Well our house has gone Lego MAD!!! DS decided he wanted some Lego at the weekend, and DH has now gone mad with it! He has spent at least the last 2 evenings on Ebay looking for Lego bargains.

A Lego castle turned up this morning, and a Police Station! DD1 even has a pink palace on the way.

I suppose it is a good thing really, as the weather is so crap there isn't a lot else for them to do and it has to be better than computers and the tv.

I'm already treading on bits though which I have to say will eventually drive me insane!!

Rain again today, so they are Lego-ing which means I can get on and do a bit in the house. I have PILES and PILES of clean washing to put away.


RubyRioja Wed 13-Aug-08 12:18:54


Dh off to the Far East for a week (so no, we cannot go with) Hell of a long flight and I don't think I'd take the dd's even if we coudl go. They have never flown before.

Need to sort vias and jabs though!

Today, not achieved too much having discovered loads of nits and eggs in dd2 hair - eek. I always blamed the parents at school for neglect - seems I am neglectful one this time. I have paid the price though, as found two whoppers in my hair.
God I am so sophisticated and elegant.

Quick break then back to grindstone!

EHM Wed 13-Aug-08 12:31:34

I don't keep my mouth shut with inlaws especially since dd was born. dd was 10 months old & had chicken pox, inlaws came to visit & dh took a full day off work so I could get organised/clean/tidy. MIL had said to FIL that she thought that the storage/shoe cupboard in our livingroom smelledangry He told me/dh & suggested that we air the cupboardshock I could go on but i won't!

shann my dh is no better recently I asked him to sort his clothes out suggested that he may like to start with clothes her hasn't worn in the last year/fews years. He removed 4 items, which ended up in the ironing basket. As if i wouldn't noticehmm

Just having lunch & finished online grocery order. Clothes in charity collection bags.its raining again! 1st driving lesson also booked for 13th Sept as they are fully booked for evenings/weekends

EHM Wed 13-Aug-08 12:32:29

RR nits hope you get rid soon
LML enjoy the lego

rowingboat Wed 13-Aug-08 12:34:42

Ruby eek about the nits. shock Not neglect at all, we used to get checked when I was in infants and the nurse used to always say 'they (nits) prefer clean hair', so probably the neglected kids don't get 'em. It's a sign of excellent parenting IMO. grin
Grrr, at EHMs & Ruperts in/outlaws. Washing the floor indeed, it's OK if you asked him to, but otherwise a bit odd. Is he a sweetie who just wants to help or the kind of person who would 'make a point' by doing something like that?
Eustacia it's like being Tom Cruise - all those missions. grin
Lucys I think you might need to go round to Rupert's and EHM's to deal with the in/outlaws? Poo! at the sicky clothes. shock

Morning routine (just)
hotspots 6 mins done
s&s bathroom 5 mins done
5 minute stinky bin rescue done
dressed me and LO 5 mins
vits LO done
vits me done
washing hung out/up
go to shops for milk
hoover 10 mins done

run number 2 today - still not been wah!

lunch done
think about dinner - it's pasta! done
get ready for work,
go to work

do 2 more tiles (stop stop!)
wash up
kitchen rescue 5 mins

right, must move NOW

TheMadHouse Wed 13-Aug-08 12:42:42

Afternoon All

Swimming was great with just one - I was able to let DS1 have his armbands off. He had a sun time.

MIL fed DS2 chocolate and cola - he is 2 FFS angry bloody woman. Now I remember why we dont give her the opportunity with them very often and this is obviously why she dioesnt offer. I told her off

Swimming kit is in washer

Will have to go in the dryer as it is raining again

I am off to take pictures for e-bay

littlemissloopy Wed 13-Aug-08 12:45:11

I think I have escaped the in/outlaws quite well reading all your stories! I'd be very annoyed by comments about smelly cupboards and dirty floors! (especially if they just cleaned it for me!)

We see inlaws/my parents about once a year....and that is usally only because we go to them! Otherwise we would never see them. We haven't seen my dad since some time last year (possibly June!?) Him and his wife spent xmas in Spain, so we visited inlaws only this year.

I think I should maybe count my blessings grin

littlemissloopy Wed 13-Aug-08 12:47:01

Ruby my DD1 has had nits this holiday too....I hate it, sets off my OCD!

littlemissloopy Wed 13-Aug-08 12:49:54

EHM I am not a great fan of Lego I have to say...I can just about build a house...its far too irritating. DH LOVES the stuff, and DS is getting into it now. DD1 is actually very good at following the instructions on how to build everything...far better than me.
She gets very annoyed if she can't find a bit though and won't carry on if a bit is missing....claiming it will "look odd"
Typical Virgo.....very miticulus!


littlemissloopy Wed 13-Aug-08 12:53:17

meticulous even!

hmm thought that looked wrong!

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