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Tuesday FLY

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Shannaratiger Tue 12-Aug-08 09:06:03

Morning all


Shannaratiger Tue 12-Aug-08 09:15:06

Guess everyone is in holiday mode this morning wink

Doing quite well this morning have done:
Morning routine, except W/M, not enough for a full load.
Kitchen sink, sides, cooker & floor.
Bathroom S&S and floor.
Living room, carpet sweeper. shock
I'm now sitting down for a cup of tea, will do thigh trainer soon before DS wakes up from his nap.

Yesterday finaly sorted out the inferno in the corner of my bedroom. Actualy threw out cross stitch stuff that I haven't looked at for 4 years!

Can't remember any of yesterday's thread blush
DD now wants to play shops so I'd better help her set up.

Hope everyone has a good day and all poorly people are on their way to feeling better.


TheMadHouse Tue 12-Aug-08 09:16:52

Morning Shanna

Thanks for the thread. I had a pretty pants night to be honoust and an just about functioning here. I have made the porridge and it is cooling.

DS2 is sill bunged up, but no temperature.

I have asked mum to have DS1 for a couple of hours so I can be limpited to DS2 grin

I didnt get much sleep last night, but did the mission yesterday

I need to do

Change My bed

RupertTheBear Tue 12-Aug-08 09:20:35

Morning everyone

I did quite well yesterday, but DH is working at home today and I never seem to get much done when he is here. I have to have a filling at the dentist this morning (ouch) and need to take the children into town this afternoon for shoes - we seem to have left one of ds's on the plane back from holiday and dd needs school shoes (she starts reception in September)

So don't expect to get much else done today

lucysmam Tue 12-Aug-08 09:21:52

good morning smile

morning shannar & everyone who comes later

well the sunshiney lovely weather has gone away sad I'm hoping it's just a temporary hitch because I wanted to do something with our yard this month and turn it into a garden for lo to play in.

Have to go to town in a bit for an appointment, not looking forward to getting soaked but at least now oh doesn't want me to take lo!!!

well today was finish the kitchen day, but oh is lacking motivation at the minute because of the weather. If he does do it then there's shelves to go up and a wall to finish as well as a carpet gripper to separate bathroom/kitchen.

I'm starting upstairs since oh still off work n going to tidy up our room which is getting full of toys again and possibly have a clear out of our wardrobe.

small list of other stuff today as well
~ bake biccy's
~ bake cake
~ make dhal for tea (1st time, fingers crossed)
~ finish drying yesterdays washing
~ mission
~ work out how many tiles needed for bathroom floor (self adhesive ones of course from £1 shop!)

hope you all have a good day with the weather being so bad!! hope no-one's lo's are too fed up with it. bbl

biglips Tue 12-Aug-08 09:24:32

morning all....will be doing the mission this afternoon as gotta take DD to her playgroup as its Crafty day today......and its raining too!

Shannaratiger Tue 12-Aug-08 09:28:37

TMH are you taking DS2 to the doctor, or just TLC and medicine. Hope he feels better soon and you manage to get a nap today.
Rupert I never get anything done when DP is home either. Thinking of you at the dentist, I've got to have 2 fillings redone as well. The rain has stopped here so hopefully we can get into town before lunch to get dd's school shoes (she starts in september as well).

TheMadHouse Tue 12-Aug-08 09:34:50

No to the doctors - I know that it is a virus, we have all had it. So no anti Bs. Issue is he ha enlarged toncils anyway, so with the swelling it makes breathing difficult, espeically as he is so bunged up too sad

I HATE going to the doctors, makes me super anxious

rowingboat Tue 12-Aug-08 10:16:47

Morning everyone*
you are organised and must have been up at the crack of dawn. smile
TMH I'm glad to hear DS2's temp is down. Ibuprofen is good for reducing swelling, it worked well for me when my throat was aaaargh last week. You must be exhausted, try to recuperate yourself, or who is going to look after all those boys? smile
Lucys I ended up making some cinnamon nut biscuits from an internet recipe - I still have two bags of dough in the freezer. shock They are a bit softer than I like. Do you think if I just cook them longer then will get harder?
Good luck with the Dahl, which lentils are you using - green?

So far done
bathroom s&s
kitchen rescue
wash up and put away
LO dressed outdoor clothes
laundry out
2 minutes of reminders
babystep break

Going into town to see free shows.

washing up
kitchen rescue

cafebistro Tue 12-Aug-08 10:19:28

Hi everyone! Kind of feel like im gatecrashing a party...blush
I have done Fly before and dont really know what im supposed to be doing.. Ive looked at the MISSION for today so i guess i'll just do that for the moment. Any advice etc would be appreciated!!smile

cafebistro Tue 12-Aug-08 10:21:21

I meant i havent done fly before blush

rowingboat Tue 12-Aug-08 10:30:06

Hi Cafebistro, I started doing the baby steps about four weeks ago (I think) and still haven't completed them.
You could always redo the baby steps, quite a few people on the flylady forum seem to do them more than once.
Do you have a control journal from the last time that you could refer to?
I sound like an expert don't I. grin
This is a great place to post your list of things to do so that you can tick them off, very therapeutic.

EHM Tue 12-Aug-08 10:53:54

shannathanks for the thread
TMHhope ds1 is on the mend soon, hopefully gp visit won't be too stressful.try & get some rest with your ds's{{{hugs}}
Lucysmamgood luck withe Dhal
biglipsenjoy play group
rowingboatbiscuits sound yummy
ruperthebeargood luck for dental appointment
tortweather is pants here too
ruby ouch hope all is ok?
cafe welcomesmile

this is my 2nd attempt at posting this morning, keep loosing connectionangry

RubyRioja Tue 12-Aug-08 10:58:18

Dh about today (getting ready for interview) so trying to keep all calm.

Am considering giving each dd an old school shirt (decluttering) and a packet of felt tips, and allow them to 'decorate' it.

Bruises now raspberry coloured (were blueberry) so am on mend.

DDs very resistant to writing in their holiday diaries, but are being a bit famous 5 in their games so am tempted to leave them to it whilst I feel less than 100%.

Then am riddled with guilt.

DH on jolly on Saturday so cannot go to collect new bike sad. Have grumps now.
Such is life.

RubyRioja Tue 12-Aug-08 10:59:26

Welcome cafe bistro - no gatecrashers here!

Baby steps work for some, but I swear by working out 5 things that will make your life easier in the morning, and 5 that will make your life easier in teh evening and doing those as a routine.

Plus decluttering - tis the work of God himself grin

EustaciaVye Tue 12-Aug-08 11:25:27

Welcome Cafebistro. Have a look at the flylady website and start babystepping, then come and chat with us.

My plan to be a dedicated flybaby is failing this week already. Have been to drs this morning as have urine infection. Now on antibiotics as the overcounter stuff didnt shift it. Got a few other meds and paid £28 for medicine ffs!!!!

Anyway, DD2 full of cold so have kept her off swimming. DD1 in funny mood. DH away...

I wish I could go back to bed.

lucysmam Tue 12-Aug-08 11:40:44

rowingboat it's a recipe i got off here that says red ones. I've never tried it before so sticking with the recipe for now. Is there a difference between them? I'd possibly cook the biccy's a bit longer and see if that does the trick, if i make anything other than shortbread they always turn out a bit chewier than i would like though. Could i have the recipe please as well, sounds worth a try smile

hello cafebistro <waves>

washing almost dry and mission done. rest still to do. having a very slow feeling day today!!

EHM Tue 12-Aug-08 11:56:41

EV poor you hope meds work their magic soon, they should given the costshock.Is there a friend or family member close by who could watch dd's for a while whilst you rest?

RubyRioja Tue 12-Aug-08 12:41:04

Oh poor EV - did you double dose to start? I never know whether you should, but I alwasy do to kick start things.

rowingboat Tue 12-Aug-08 12:46:57

Hi all*
I did try to post a link to the recipe and then I couldn't find it. DOH!
Feel very PMSy, and poor old Lo is copping it, by being toooooo energetic and trying to jump on me when I am doing something.
We are just off up town on the BUS! LO very excited about the bus, can't say I share the enthusiasm for being hurled about by a brake-happy, nutty driver. shock
EHM I would send you some biccies, but I don't think they would survive the journey. I'm not loving them.
Ruby don't feel guilty if they are having a good time, you can spend time rehearsing what you want to say at the interview in front of the mirror. grin
A friend of mine gave me some cool interview tips, one was to think of the most horrible question they could possibly ask and prepare an answer, also to prepare an answer for those poo questions they always ask about where you see yourself in 5 years or something (I'd like your job actually) or the one where they ask you for an example of a situation where you exhibited a leadership or coped under stress or something like that.
Another tip was to write down an imaginative (possibly slightly wacky) idea for their organisation, which you can volunteer at the end of the interview.
Write down questions for them in a notepad and whip it out when they ask you what your questions are, and also ask if they mind you using the notepad when they ask you questions, to jot down any thoughts and ideas, or to take notes when they talk about the job.
I used it a couple of times and got both jobs - this was years ago though.
Better get onto the bus timetable website.

EHM Tue 12-Aug-08 13:05:33

rowingboat it was a kind thought anywaysmile
grouchy Ellie is just watching Sesame Treehmm not sure about ithmm Have you seen it?

EustaciaVye Tue 12-Aug-08 13:16:32

Lol. Thanks guys. The £28 was for 4 prescriptions. ABs, eczema and asthma stuff too. Havent double-dosed as he only gave me 6 tablets! Did a urine sample at the GPs which was quite amusing weeing in a bottle and trying to keep DDs out of the way at the same time.

RubyRioja Tue 12-Aug-08 13:22:37

Thanks RB - have started my interview prep file!

Have a couple of weeks - with a pre-interview visit, so that should help me build a better picture of what they want.

Arf at EV - surely you knew to take your own funnel!

Bewilderbeast Tue 12-Aug-08 13:25:28

afternoon all

back at work today (grump)

dw unloaded, reloaded and on
wm on
bed made
bin emptied

hope all are well. BBL

TheMadHouse Tue 12-Aug-08 13:29:08

Afternoon Ladies

EV Sounds nasty - take care of yourself.

Ruby Pah to the bike

Sorry lost the plot I have the thread just tired.

I have managed the IRONING though and put away mine, DHs and DS1s will do DS2s when he wakes up.

I am just doing lunch and then to relax until 2.30 when I pick DS1 up from Mums

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