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what NEVER to do with your dishwasher!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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jesuswhatnext Mon 11-Aug-08 15:40:18

i have spent the last 24hrs clearing up the mess i caused by putting a persil washing tab in the dishwasher on saturday night (after a few drinks blush)

bloody hell, can you imagine the scene of kitchen carnage i got up to on sunday morning?? dinner party stuff everywhere, foam and kind of greasy water all over floor, all over the pantry floor, behind the washing machine/fridge/dishwasher etc

and i had a bloody hangover sad sympathy please sad

Roskva Mon 11-Aug-08 18:42:01

<sending sympathy>

At least it didn't make quite such a mess when I put multi-purpose surface cleaner into the washing machine instead of washing liquid (not my fault the Bio D bottles look identical sad)(OK it was my fault I wasn't wearing my specs blush). Not sure it did the clothes any good, but it's quite a good stain remover grin

How's the head, btw?

fatzak Mon 11-Aug-08 18:43:39

That is just the sort of thing I would do blush

Loads of sympathy from me grin

Tortington Mon 11-Aug-08 18:46:11

much symaphy

i can;t believe this thread is here becuase the reverse happenedto me today.

i asked ds (18 years old ffs) to stick his stuff in washer and bung it on.

took thestuff out and dried it - put another load in later - opened the power drawer to find two undissoved dishwasher tablets in there hmm

PInkyminkyohnooo Mon 11-Aug-08 18:46:29

Much sympathy.Ours was blocked the other day and I found some of DS cultery welded to the floor of it. It was a really smelly mess.

I'll never forget my nana making us bacon sandwiches fried in washing up liquid- because the botles were similar. YUMgrin

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