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OMG, HELP ME!!!!!! I have just opened the machine and DH's expensive new top is now pink and not white

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Flumpybumpy Mon 11-Aug-08 11:29:43

Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap! He will go mad. He has not long bought this top online from America (it cost quite a bit) and I have just done the white wash and the red dye DD's new top has run and his top is now pink. The top has got logo's on so not sure if I can bleach it. I have tried a colour run remover in teh machine that has not worked.

PLEASE help me, any tips anyone, I will 'fess up later when he gets home but would like to have it sorted before then.


ShinyPinkShoes Mon 11-Aug-08 11:32:54

Colour Run Remover-get some from any supermarket.

SheSellsSeashellsByTheSeashore Mon 11-Aug-08 11:33:19

have you tried net (curtains) whitener?

ShinyPinkShoes Mon 11-Aug-08 11:33:45

Ahhh I see you tried that.

There are various other types I think-stain devil do one.

MarkStretch Mon 11-Aug-08 11:33:57

Hide it.

Deny all knowledge.

'Hmmmm? Top? No idea.....'

derelicte Mon 11-Aug-08 11:36:44

Apologise profusely then insist that either a) he does all his own washing or b) he signs a disclaimer form exempting you from liability for any future laundry fuck ups.

Flumpybumpy Mon 11-Aug-08 11:39:16

The thing is, I am SO pedantic about the washing and he has, in the past, knackered one of my skirts and I didn't let him forget it for ages. I banned form ever doing the washing again!

I feel like a complete pratt because if I had been paying attention and not just shoved everything in it wouldn't have happened. He will get so much mileage out of this

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