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Advice on how to get a stain out of a carpet

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maroulla Sun 10-Aug-08 19:20:21

Some pollen dropped off the lilies in my living room onto a cream carpet and my husband trying to help decided to use carpet shampoo on the stain rather than hoover it first to get the worst off. I now have a yellow stain on the carpet that will not come out. Any advice

paolosgirl Sun 10-Aug-08 19:23:26

I think pollen is one of the ones that won't come out - but hopefully someone will come along with a magic solution

octavia Sun 10-Aug-08 20:27:56

'De-solve it' will get rid of it,but you have to be patient with it and do a little at a time.Thats the trouble with lilies though isn't,pesky things!

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