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Best integrated washing machine? & Best freestanding tumble dryer?

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KnockOffNorbert Sun 10-Aug-08 12:20:21

We were just going to have a washer dryer, but have had nothing but problems with our freestanding one so are now getting a washing machine to be built in and a tumble dryer elsewhere. What are the best integrated washing machines? The only ones I can see with a 1600 spin are Smeg @ £700 +, which seems abit much I think. There isn't a lot out there really and I have no idea what I am looking for - all I know is one that takes big loads would be good now we are soon to be 4. As for the tumble dryer, what are the differences between them? What should I be looking out for? What is best, vented or condenser? (we can acc. either). Thanks

Saggarmakersbottomknocker Sun 10-Aug-08 12:28:50

I have an AEG integrated washer. It's a standard load and only 1200 spinspeed but it's OK and has some eco-features - quick 30 min wash and eco standard washes. They probably do a faster spin/bigger load version. I had it from Boots Electrical and got double Advantage points smile

I'd go for a vented dryer - personally I don't think the condenser ones dry as well/fast. My dryer (a White Knight) was only about £100 and is used alot. Maybe consider having a cheaper dryer, especially if it's in the garage like mine, and spend a bit more on your washer.

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