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shoe cabinet/storage... any ideas?

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happynappies Sat 09-Aug-08 14:02:41

I would like to store shoes in a low-level cabinet/unit under the stairs (under the the part where the stairs meet the floor if you follow me, because that is 'dead space' and too small for any other form of storage) but I don't want to be able to see the shoes. Ideally I'd like a low-level unit housing baskets for the shoes, or draws/cupboards. The unit only needs to hold around 8-10 pairs of shoes, but I've looked everywhere and there are plenty of 'open' units, and several cabinets that are tall, or very wide... nothing that really fits the bill. Looked in Argos, Ikea, Littlewoods Direct etc. Atm shoes are kicking around loose in the hall, and I just want them out of sight. Anyone know of anything that might help? Thanks!

girlandboy Sat 09-Aug-08 22:31:11

Afraid all our shoes are in those shoe hanger thingies. It attaches to the wall or the back of a door and it has individual pockets on it for the shoes. We have a lack of floor space but plenty of wall space so these were ideal. We've got 3 altogether.

lovecakes Mon 06-Jul-09 05:25:34

Everyday shoes need easy to access them otherwise it becomes a hassle. I personally don't like keeping my shoes in boxes, clear or not. I like my shoes easy to reach and ready to grab and sling on.

Shoe racks are the preferred storage option for me. However every shoe rack out there is complete rubbish as they are inflexible and don't conform to your space.

Well that was until I found an innovative shoe storage solution called the Flexi Shoe Rack. Fantastic idea! The best I've ever seen!

In fact it is in my opinion, the only product worth calling a shoe storage solution because it is flexible so conforms to your space, easy to assemble and most importantly it can store ALL the different kinds of shoes you have, including boots (anyone ever been able to fit boots in a shoe rack before? thought not!)

You really should check them out at, I think it'll be worth your while.

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