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Weekend Fly, can't think of a witty title

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Bewilderbeast Sat 09-Aug-08 08:43:23

morning all

can't believe I'm first in


rubbish out
tomatos fed
kitchen surfaces cleaned
quick tidy up

biglips Sat 09-Aug-08 09:02:05

morning Bewilderbeast.....

im still eating my brekkie before i start on anything! smile

will be back later

tortoise Sat 09-Aug-08 09:43:47

morning. smile
Going out soon to the pre-school fun day. Need to get out the house so i told DD's they could go. It is raining again though.

Happy start to the weekend- I won a whole £6.50 on Euro millions lottery!! Better than nothing but the ticket cost me about half that for 2 lines. Oh well, there is always the lottery or thunderball tonight!

I gave the carpet a good clean on thursday but although it looks much cleaner it had brought out the smell even more and i son't know how to get rid of it. probably need new carpet.sad It really stinks.

BBL. Have a good day. grin

bythepowerofgreyskull Sat 09-Aug-08 09:51:09

morning all
you feeling a bit better tort?
Thanks for thread Bewilderbeast
Hi Biglips

washing on
dishwasher on
trying to get motivated to do the mornign tidy round.
going out to holiday club fun day this afternoon.

see y'all later

TheMadHouse Sat 09-Aug-08 09:53:20

Morning all

DH let me have a lie in, as DS2 had been up lots during the night - bloody virus.

DS1 was up at the crack of dawn and is full of hell.

DW emptied
TD is on, as yes it is raining again
Rest of morning routine done

We are off to the National Railway museum in York today. SO catch you all later

tortoise Sat 09-Aug-08 09:54:01

Not to bad thanks bythepowerofgreyskull. Generally doing ok. Really wanted to eat loads last night but i had a cereal bar and a banana.

Right i better get ready to go out!

tortoise Sat 09-Aug-08 09:54:02

Not to bad thanks bythepowerofgreyskull. Generally doing ok. Really wanted to eat loads last night but i had a cereal bar and a banana.

Right i better get ready to go out!

tortoise Sat 09-Aug-08 09:54:15


Bewilderbeast Sat 09-Aug-08 10:57:32

morning tort greyskull biglips tmh and anyone who comes after

been to toys r us and tesco, missed the last wii fit by 2 seconds grrrr.

Ds is creating havoc, hopefully he will sleep after a snack, I'm just about to have brekkie

biglips Sat 09-Aug-08 11:00:33

Bewilder - we bought our Wii off Ebay and it was an excellent bargain for it.

giraffescantdancethetango Sat 09-Aug-08 11:07:53

well done everyone.

im being incredicly lazy, its so cold today makes me want to stay still and hybernate

littlemissloopy Sat 09-Aug-08 11:49:41

Morning smile

Its cold here too...brrrrrr

DH is playing Mousetrap with the kids (I'm dodging that one)

Just catching up with washing today, have loads and loads! Have done 3 loads already this morning.

Making room in the lounge today too, the new sofa arrives on Monday.

BB I haven't managed to get wii fit yet either. Its soooooo annoying!

biglips Sat 09-Aug-08 11:55:46

yes its pouring down an windy here today...bbaahhhh!!!

lucysmam Sat 09-Aug-08 11:59:58

good morning all

how is everyone today??? It's raining here so have decided to take nearly the whole day off while fil and oh tackle the rest of the kitchen so my job is solely to supervise them this afternoon when they're back from B&Q.

Thought about washing but couldn't be bothered and it's raining so would have to put TD on & don't know where the hose is so would end up with steamy kitchen. Also thought about cleaning the bathroom but not much point til later as it's full to bursting with kitchen stuff we've moved. Might hoover upstairs while mil watches lo and have a quick tidy up there but other than that I don't plan to do much apart from watch cbeebies for the entire day!

Hope you all have a good day, ttfn xx

lucysmam Sat 09-Aug-08 12:00:43

oooh, it's not morning any more!!!! when did it get soooo late???

giraffescantdancethetango Sat 09-Aug-08 12:20:29

LM you posted with 2 seconds of the morning left lol

hers my list, have had a cuppa tea so feel slightly warmer now, its August FFS

- shower and wash hair DONE
- make bed DONE
- put a wash on - DONE
- do dishes
- general tidy up
- take bins out
sweep and mop kitchen floor

lucysmam Sat 09-Aug-08 13:08:00

a whole 2 seconds!! n i thought it was afternoon so missed out on a whole 2 seconds of morning-ness!! am quite gutted now

well, ive still done nothing except play and make a mess in living room with lo as oh and fil seem to be taking an excessively long time ar B&Q! They went off well over an hour and a half ago and still not back.

Anyone think I really ought to do something before they do get back and I look like a super-lazy cow?? or shall i just play all day n chill

tortoise Sat 09-Aug-08 14:20:42

I can't get motivated today. It is too cold and rainy!
I have a load of washing on and some in TD but it is costing a bomb in electric.

DDs are playing nicely together so i thought i would come on here for a bit!

rowingboat Sat 09-Aug-08 18:54:46

Hi everyone*
did you find your keys?
I know what you mean, I hate using my drier, I hang up everything outside or inside. Luckily we have a big hall cupboard where the boiler lives and it's quite cosy in there, so all the dampy stuff goes in there for a day. Byee, chuck, close door! grin
Lucys how's the house coming on?
Giraffes I know what you mean, I was at work and it was Baltic.
Loopy Mousetrap! That takes me back. I remember it took about half a day to set up the trap and then about one second to actually trap the mouse. Always seemed a bit of an anti-climax. grin

I have been at work and got back around 5:30, so have had a cup of tea and my lovely DP is cooking my dins, whilst my LO gives stacks toys all around me and the laptop, and talks all the time about something (can hear a noise).

Don't think I will manage much today but did
dressed me and LO and breakfast made and washed up
S&S bathroom (peepee smell in there gone now)
Think that was it

Another S&S bathroom (new peepee smell in there now)
Cut some more tiles try for two 1 hr (yes it takes that long)
wash up
Life plan 15 mins
Plan tomorrow's run (starting couch to 5K)10 mins
Put in wash 10 mins
Sort out clean laundry 15 mins
Order vinyl samples from Rhinofloor and Forbo

That'll do

Speak to you all soon. smile

tortoise Sat 09-Aug-08 19:02:31

rowingBoat No sign of my keys. Spent about an hour looking yesterday. Even clearing areas of weeds etc. So i have no idea where they could have gone. I even tried throwing a ball from where i threw the keys but it just landed where i expected the keys to land but the keys are not there.

Trying to list on Ebay turbo lister but pc keeps switching off. angry

Simply Sat 09-Aug-08 19:10:23

Hello to all. I hope you find your keys tort. smile

I still have one job left from my list yesterday and the day before and that is to write my packing list for hols. I'm going to do that now before I put it off any longer!

rowingboat Sat 09-Aug-08 19:17:00

Tort that's not good! They will turn up though.
I can't do Ebay either, stooopid camera is missing.

biglips Sat 09-Aug-08 20:01:37

hey all!

what a washout weather today...

managed to get some things done this morning

1) unload and reload the DW
2) wash load on and hung up
3) Sorted out my hossy bag
4) hoovered the living room
5) Shopping this afternoon
6) tea made this afternoon
7) beds made
8) Decluttered and took things to charity shop

lucysmam Sat 09-Aug-08 20:06:01

hello all, had a good day? I've had a lovely day playing with lo and doing not a lot else other than munching lots of food with her, she even ate half my chinese!!!

rowing the kitchen's starting to look very good now thanks, it's taken ages as floods happened just as we were getting somewhere in the first place but never mind, it looks good and is more useable now. Sounds like your tiles are going to take a while, hope you don't get bored half way through like my dad did once & left kitchen floor half tiled for about 6 months!!

tortoise there's not a drain near where you threw your keys is there? or maybe a neighbour picked them up? or one of the kids and put them in with their toys?

tortoise Sat 09-Aug-08 20:46:29

Keys can only be in the garden where i chucked them. We checked next doors drive at the time. Other side has a hedge which we checked too. I am really baffled by it!

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