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Can anyone give me advice on extracting oil from seeds

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rowingboat Tue 05-Aug-08 09:27:07

I have some dogrose hips that I am drying to make tea and possibly syrup.
Both of these options use only the flesh, leaving the seeds.
Having read lots about rosehip oil I am wondering about the possibility of extracting the oil from the seeds. There seem to be a variety of methods, many requiring expensive equipment or chemicals, but I just want home method, hopefully using things I already have around the house.
Can anybody suggest a simple method???
Thank you

misi Tue 05-Aug-08 13:36:47

rosehip oil you read about mainly is not from the common rose in your garden unfortunately. the south american mountain rose is the best for oil, ''rosa mosqueta'' and is great fro scarring, stretch marks etc.
for oil for internal use for bioflavinoids and vit c I use an oil extractor. I have a juicer and I bought an extraction unit to fit onto it for oil from flax seeds sunflower seeds etc. with rose hips, you have to make sure the case is clear of fungus. I cannot use any from my garden as they all have black spot which I despaired of last year and so sprayed chemicals but that didn't work.

this is a site that offers similar models to mine but I can't see an oil extractor on there. you won't get mine as I got it on my travels and it is not sold here but will go through my files to see what I have stored on this sort of machine

rowingboat Tue 05-Aug-08 21:53:44

Thank you misi. I have taken a look at that link - I couldn't see the extraction unit, but then I probably don't know what to look for.
Is this the equivalent of a cold pressing do you think?
I have read that it is the Chilean rosehip that is used most commonly for extraction - do you know why that is? I'm thinking, weeell, there must be something in these dogrose seeds. grin
Or perhaps not?

misi Tue 05-Aug-08 22:25:57

rosa mosqueta is grown high up in the chilean and peruvian andes.
my extractor is a cold press one as the double gears produce little heat and no other heat is used, just the seeds being gently pressed to extract the oil.

dogrose hips will give you a liquid full of bioflavinoids and vit c although not high quality stuff but useful for general health and also when you have a cold. some people will boil/stew rosehips to make a thin soup or reduce that soup into a syrup which is good for coughs.
dogrose seed oil will be thin and not much use as a topical oil, unlike rosa mosqueta which is fantastic as a topical treatment for things like old scars, stretch marks and in place of or together with wheatgerm oil for rubbing into the skin to ward off stretch marks whilst pregnant. I used a concoction of rosa M, wheatgerm oil and almond oil with high altitude lavender oil one day, mandarin oil the next and neroli oil the day after returning back to lavender on the forth day on my ex's bump, back and legs and she hasn't a stretch mark at all.

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