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How to store craft stuff ?

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LIZS Mon 04-Aug-08 15:28:57

dd has acccumulated lots fo bits and peices over time - craft sets people have bought her to do , plus beads etc , glitter, glue , paper and so on. it has increasingly taken over in a ramshackle short of way at various points around the house . Ideas as to how to bring some sort of order please.

Word Mon 04-Aug-08 20:22:13

In a way in which it can be "got at" easily, and put away easily.

I have a set of plastic drawers for all mine - one draw for paper, another for card, another for tools etc. Brilliant if you have the room.

You can get special compartment boxes for beads, similar to this Ebay one at craft shops.


giraffescantdancethetango Mon 04-Aug-08 21:13:12

I just chuck it all in a huge plastic box, not very organised but least I know where it all is.

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