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£20 for a weeks shopping - HELP!!!

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SpandexIsMyEnemy Mon 04-Aug-08 11:50:32

what to get, n where from?

I need food only - think i'm ok for dog food.

have 2 loaves in the freezer, and food in there for main meals I think. but need salad stuff, veggies (I think but will raid mum n dads in a mintue as they're on their hols) milk (have lost 2 bloody tokens as well. ) er, yoghurt's etc.

can I do it? think I have pasta etc.

what can I do - need ham but think I have cheese. need cereals.

IllegallyBrunette Mon 04-Aug-08 11:51:07

Go to Lidl or Aldi.

SpandexIsMyEnemy Mon 04-Aug-08 11:52:44

hi nutty - I wasn't keen on my aldi - spent more tbh.

what's lidl's fresh stuff like? don't need any cleaning stuff - ok for potatoes.

AnAngelWithin Mon 04-Aug-08 11:53:46

go to the shop in an evening when everything gets reduced. if its fresh stuff you will be using it straight away anyway

How many do you need to feed?

SpandexIsMyEnemy Mon 04-Aug-08 11:54:54

I can't - have DS and it's only me - should be do able right for me and him only? damn it think i'll need nappies as well - have about 10 left, will see what mums got in her house.

SpandexIsMyEnemy Mon 04-Aug-08 11:55:18

just me & ds. plus 2 dogs. (but pretty sure they have enough)

spokette Mon 04-Aug-08 11:57:20

Buy tinned pulses as these are cheap and make great fillings, e.g. make cottage pie using lentils as oppose to mince.

Tinned tomatoes cooked with onions, garlic forms a great base for soups and pasta sauce.

Tinned fish like tuna go well with tomato sauce.

One whole chicken, roast to give at least three meals - roast chicken, chicken left overs served with rice or in a pasta dish and chicken carcass to make soup.

Shop at Aldi or Lidl - frozen veg cheap and good quality.

Totally doable! Don't worry. Just get own brand stuff, it's only a week. Lidl's is good for cheap fruit n veg, frozen veg and nappies.

SpandexIsMyEnemy Mon 04-Aug-08 12:04:56

do need dog food. not to worry mums just rung n said to raid their fridge/freezer. so it's £20 for the fresh stuff, n yoghurts/milk etc - can't recall only having £20 for the week in a long long time -0 usually have all of this stuff in the house but have £35-£40 for it all incl nappies.

will have a wander over to lidl's I think - are their nappies any good? i'll use those by day and hope DS doesn't get a rash, then pampers at night.

we deffo have enough 'ready' meals in the freezer from my own stuff i've cooked. it's the rest of it. think the baked beans might be coming out for lunch.

AnAngelWithin Mon 04-Aug-08 12:06:52

what size nappies do you need? maybe put ad on here if anyones got some that their little ones have outgrown and they got spare?

mamadiva Mon 04-Aug-08 12:07:03

Lidl's nappies are fab I've used them since DS was born.

lilolilmanchester Mon 04-Aug-08 12:08:45

check out this recent threadre how to do food on £15.

Sounds like you have quite a lot in already - perhaps only buy things which will help you use up what you've got?

SpandexIsMyEnemy Mon 04-Aug-08 12:09:38

size 5+ he's a big lad - think mum has about 6 or so over at her house - we're in all day today and tomorrow - (I wanted to potty train the boy properly anyhow - so now's a good time! lol. will let him outside with nothing on him - feel the breeze!)

AnAngelWithin Mon 04-Aug-08 12:10:26

ah right dd is only in size 4 otherwise would heva willingly sent you some! sorry!

SpandexIsMyEnemy Mon 04-Aug-08 12:10:29

thanks lilo - I saw that one and thought it's not possible!

AnAngelWithin Mon 04-Aug-08 12:12:30

i remember being so desperate for nappies at one point for ds1 (before I used washable nappies for all the others!!) i used muslin squares inside a pair of pants that I kept changing! ways and means of getting through!

mamadiva Mon 04-Aug-08 12:14:12

It's £4.99 for 44 size 5 nappies in Lidl's but if he's a 5+ I don't think they do them past a 5. I know Tesco is selling pampers for £8 for a huge box or £3.90 for a small pack of nappy pants.

SpandexIsMyEnemy Mon 04-Aug-08 12:17:49

what's so annoying is I have £6 on those healthy voucher thingys but can't think what i've done with them - would deffo be ok if I could find them as that would be the bulk of things for me.

lucysmam Mon 04-Aug-08 14:13:22

spandex, not sure if this will help but tesco value nappies are ok i've found for short-term use. £1.48 for 20 and they're quite large. they rattle a bit but if it's only for the week i would consider them. have found them ok for daytime use and used more expensive ones through night.

SpandexIsMyEnemy Mon 04-Aug-08 14:57:53

have just got back from lidls to find my new vouchers on the mat - typical! anyhow will need them no doubt for next week once my rents gone out! lol.

managed to get what I needed in lidl's plus raid mums cupboards for £21.74 so all in all not too bad, not sure i'd go there every week but as a reserve when i'm short it was good. not too busy either.

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