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MONDAY FLY start now and avoid the rush

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FluffyMummy123 Sun 03-Aug-08 17:17:32

Message withdrawn

EustaciaVye Mon 04-Aug-08 07:14:41

Why, thank you for starting our Monday and Tuesday threads Cod? grin I will of course use this one so as not to clutter up MN with these ghastly Flylady threads!

Kelly's daily mission

EustaciaVye Mon 04-Aug-08 07:18:45

Morning all.

House a hole and out lots of stuff everywhere.

Morning routine almost done though, and kitchen is an easy zone for me though so it will give me the chance to get on top of everything else.


Shannaratiger Mon 04-Aug-08 08:02:50

Morning all

LOL at Cod starting the thread, maybe seh needs some tips grin
Morning routine well on it's way. It's actualy sunny here from the weather forecast was expecting torrential rain.
Hope everyone had a good weekend.
EV and Bianca glad the birthday parties were a success. I'm really worrying about DD's and it isn't until October. hmm
grouchy glad you're doing ok. DH's off sick, every women's nightmare, hope he gets better v. soon.
TMH envy at fresh veg. when we eventualy get a council house am going to have vegtable garden and flowers.
loopy hope the house is returning to normality and lovlyness.

Hello to everyone else. Must get off MN and do something FLYlike.

Have a good morning everyone

EustaciaVye Mon 04-Aug-08 08:23:03

Not my DDs birthday.....thankfully.

TheMadHouse Mon 04-Aug-08 08:25:13

Morning all

DH is working locally so he has just left, after getting the boys dressed, so morning routine complete apart from breakfsts

Shanna I wish my garden was bigger,we only grow in containers at the moment. I would love a smallholdig, so I could grow veg and cut flowers and the boys have enough room to run around. A girl can dream

EV Wiggles poster arrived, but it is A2, so maynot photocopy. Once I am feeling a bit better I will venture out to a copy shop and get it done. Boys are very heppy

Its raining here, was supposed to be snny, so our day at the beach is not happening, will need to think of something to do with them

EustaciaVye Mon 04-Aug-08 08:35:07

Thanks Madhouse, but no rush. Are you feeling any better?

Sunny here so off to park & picnic lunch later

FluffyMummy123 Mon 04-Aug-08 09:01:31

Message withdrawn

TheMadHouse Mon 04-Aug-08 09:02:37

EV - The virus seems to have moved from throat, ears and head to chest, so I am sore from all the coughing, but the operation seems to have gone really well, scars healed and all that.

I am on hormones, but can not tell wether the sweats etc are from the virus or the menopause at the moment grin

So all things considered I am fine, just a bit of a lightweight on the doing front.

It is still peeing down, so we are popping round my BFs

I have done the mission

EustaciaVye Mon 04-Aug-08 09:02:45

Of course

EustaciaVye Mon 04-Aug-08 09:04:19

That was to Cod, not Mad.

Hope you feel better soon Mad.

biglips Mon 04-Aug-08 09:45:06

morning all! smile (not been on here again!...but i have been keeping the house tidy-ish!)

was woken up @ 6am by this baby being a v wriggly worm this i managed to do lots before DD and Dp woken up, and its abit windy here today with rain spitting abit.


1) Mopped Floor done
2) Unloaded DW done
3) 5 minutes hotspot done
4) Cleared and cleaned kitchen done
5) Laundry upstairs done
6) Showered done
7) Swish and swipe done
8) Washing load on done

cornsilk Mon 04-Aug-08 09:51:42

I need to join in. Am off to do kitchen.

EHM Mon 04-Aug-08 10:10:04

Hello to all*

belated 3rd birthday wishes to your dd.
TMHhope you feel much better soon.x

Right off to park with friend & her lo. Then play date a friends at 2pm. Maybe back later. Must pack tonight for trip to Jersey on Wed.
Have a great day all.x.x.x

lucysmam Mon 04-Aug-08 10:26:15

good morning ladies!

hope you all had a good weekend!! I finally have a house that isn't completely upside down after my efforts this weekend so am happy.

so far today i've done nothing

still have to do everything
lo is fed and dressed though and creating chaos with oh in living room atm

my list for today:
1 mission
2 load/unload wm
3 phone landlords agent about claiming on his insurance for lo's bedroom wall that came down thurs
4 keep fingers crossed insurance cheque comes!
5 strip both beds
6 swap some toys from downstairs to up

have a good day everyone, catch up later xx

lucysmam Mon 04-Aug-08 10:27:01

oh, should have put get dressed and breakfast for me and oh as number 1 really!

RubyRioja Mon 04-Aug-08 10:28:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

littlemissloopy Mon 04-Aug-08 10:45:17

Morning all smile

cod I can see that you are just itching to join are of course very welcome you know.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes for my DD2.... we all had a fab day... it involved a house full of people, lots of wine (consumed by the adults obviously) bouncy castles and a massive game of rugby with a space hopper as the ball....where at least three of us drunken mums were diving about like eeejits!!

I'm feeling a bit fragile this morning, kitchen is a state! I think every glass/cup/bowl and plate we own is piled up waiting to be washed and put away again!

We will need a trip to the bottle bank too today!

Oh and thanks for all the kitchen comments, we finished it off just in time...I was still tidying last bits as the guests arrived!!

Rowingboat smile DD2 is already at nursery, they start at 2 and a half here in Wales. She goes 3 mornings a week. She will start primary school september '09 shock

Well better crack on....loads to do smile
not yet dressed even, and plenty of tidying to do...and the Avon man delivered 7 boxes of stuff that need to be sorted and distributed, so not lacking things to do today!!

Peckarolloveragain Mon 04-Aug-08 11:00:55

Hi everyone can I come back (again!)

My list for today is

1. Mission
2. Home Blessing

TheMadHouse Mon 04-Aug-08 13:04:08

We are back and I am looking after my friends two whilst she pops shopping and she will return the favour later in the week.

So I have four boys between the ages of 6 and 2 grin

I dont think much flying will get done, but never mind

EustaciaVye Mon 04-Aug-08 13:14:04

Hi Guys, Back from picnic & play. Now plan to do afternoon routine. If anyone still hasnt built their routines yet, here is my afternoon one :

• Afternoon routine
1. Clear away lunch things
2. Empty/reload dishwasher
3. Hang out/collect washing
4. Swish & swipe downstairs loo
5. 15 minutes
7. Kelly’s Mission

littlemissloopy Mon 04-Aug-08 13:56:32


I'm flagging has taken me all day so far to tidy the kitchen and lounge again!
I had to wash up pretty much every kitchen utensil/crockery we own! It took me a good hour or so to wash, dry and put away (sooner the dishwasher is back up and running the better!)

Well I have to sort the Avon stuff now, just stopped for some lunch.

TheMadHouse Mon 04-Aug-08 14:38:37

I have made bananna bread withour brown banannas for after dinner with custard.

They boys are all playing niceley, but DS2 is still not right and is a bit wheepy

grouchyoscar Mon 04-Aug-08 14:44:15

Getting back into the swing of things again


UP and washed
Bathroom and loo S&S
Down and empty DW
Put away
Clean the table
Empty WM
Sort for drying
Peg out
Load and run WM with white load
Rub bleach into the kitchen floor
Mop front room
Mop kitchen
Repot herb plants
make brekkie
Wash Ed abd give him his clothes
Take him to town
Make lunch

Bought Ed's uniform for the next year. Tesco are doing 3 for 2 on all the back to school stuff so he has his trews, shirts and shoes now. Got him some holiday gear and a pair of trainers too. He's sorted now

TheMadHouse Mon 04-Aug-08 17:37:29

Evening all

Dinner for the boys is done, bedtime routine to do next.

Then Dinner for me and DH - fried potaotes and leftovers from yesterday.

I think then it is bathtime for me once the little men are in bed.

I have:

Cleaned out the kitchen bin
Cleaned under and behind the fridge

It doesnt need a full zone clean as it is not too bad.

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