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Getting blinds done - recommendations?

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MrsSprat Fri 01-Aug-08 19:02:20

Any recommendations for London area on companies that will come and see you, measure up and install, but don't charge a fortune.

I have a patio-door that desperately needs doing and have no idea what I want there and I just hate the whole process with a passion! It's two months before I need to do it, but I have to psyche myself up.

Would welcome any style recommendations too.

The criteria: Multi-use room: study, spare bedroom, room gets a lot of early morning and afternoon sun, so shade needed, but don't want to go black-out. Also looks out onto road/ground floor, so privacy/day-time security needed. I'm a bit of laze about cleaning. See why I hate the process?

The door itself never gets used unless we're moving stuff in and out. I have a crappy Argos panel blind there at the moment. It has to go.

ColumboJumbo Fri 01-Aug-08 20:23:28

I just got mine done by John Lewis - was easy - I went in, picked the blinds, someone came out to measure and they are going to send the quote within 7 days. They will then come out and fit - all part of the service and not expensive - depending on your choice of blind. Easy peasy and they are reliable.

ColumboJumbo Fri 01-Aug-08 20:27:21

BTW suggest white metal venetian - can look nice and go with any decor, reflects light into room, don't have to faff pulling it up and down for privacy just twist rod to open or close. Also not so expensive. Clean with a quick swipe of feather duster or vacuum when "shut".

MrsSprat Sat 02-Aug-08 14:25:06

Oh thanks, I was thinking that Venetian might make for a fiddly clean, but get what you are saying. I would just have to get myself my first 'tickle stick'

Kamuha Tue 12-Aug-08 23:56:35

Would suggest vertical blinds for patio door, stay cleaner far longer than venetian and you can get machine washable as well. They're also far easier to pull back than venetian when you want to use the door but can still be tilted to control the light. Can you tell I used to make window blinds grin

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