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I need some tunes please to help me with my clear out...

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PavlovtheCat Fri 01-Aug-08 13:09:20

I am sick and tired of firefighting my cleaning.

I spend ALL DAY tidying the home, it looks fab then two days later its a complete state.

The reason for this is that DH and I have too much crap rubbish accumulating for our apartment.

Last night, I got woken up by DH tripping over a shoe, a cat knocking a portable hard drive off the side, DH going into his sock drawer for paracetamol, and a cat walking across a carrier bag! I woke up and thought I had been burgled!

So this morning, in a huff, I chucked everything from all the cupboards, under the bed, junk drawers, floor and sides, all on the bed and have been slowing working through it.

I have so far chucked out 5 bags of crap rubbish.

But, I am starting to wane, and it is not perfect yet, not by a long shot, so I need some tunes from MNers to inspire me to keep going...

So, what have you got for me?

PavlovtheCat Fri 01-Aug-08 13:50:42

If I dont get some fab tunes from youtube any second I might be forced to give up, and the consequences would be disasterous..hmm for me anyway!

SheSellsSeashellsByTheSeashore Fri 01-Aug-08 13:57:15

pink is on my mp3 player a lot! enjoy!

Simply Fri 01-Aug-08 13:59:33

No tunes (am a complete square) but you're doing a great job Pavlov. Keep it up! smile

PavlovtheCat Fri 01-Aug-08 14:03:07

My husband's cupboard is clear of everything apart from clothes on hangers, and some storage stuff on the top shelf, will do that later.

The bed is almost empty of stuff that does not belong, but I have a way to go. I am finding things which don't have a home..

<scratches head, can't find ipod to put some Pink on>

PrimulaVeris Fri 01-Aug-08 14:12:47

I Want to Break Free - Queen grin

PrimulaVeris Fri 01-Aug-08 14:17:13

You're Moving Out Today - Carole Bayer Sager. The lyrics are v. appropriate anyway!

PavlovtheCat Fri 01-Aug-08 14:32:00

The video to the Queen song is appropriate for sure!!! Except that DH is not wearing a pinney!

charliecat Fri 01-Aug-08 14:34:26

fine young cannibals got my house relatively clean
also KT tunstall

PavlovtheCat Fri 01-Aug-08 14:46:36

Charliecat - I like that one! That is almost appropriate. Not quite, yet but by the end of the weekend it will be!!! grin

The bedroom is once again looking awfu, I have emptied the drawers and am going through the clothes, as I need room to put things back properly this time. I have now got 10 bin bags of stuff, 3 for charity shop, 5 for recycling, 1 for rubbish and one for scrap material recycling. It is just insane how much stuff I had here. All stuffed into cupboards so on the outside it looked tidy, with some effort. shock.

Part of the rubbish/recycling is paperwork.

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