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Thursday Flylady

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EustaciaVye Thu 31-Jul-08 07:17:57

BiancaCastafiore Thu 31-Jul-08 07:37:10

Morning EV How are you feeling this morning? Better I hope x

I am tired and irritable after a bad night's sleep with both children having wet their beds againangry...dd seems to do it simply because she is too lazy to get up for a wee and ds has never really managed to go through the night but still wets through his pull-ups even after we wake him when we go to bed for a wee!
Dd woke at 3 complaining that she'd wet her bed. Ds came into our bed at 3.45 insisting it was morning cos next doors bloody cockerels were crowingangry I don't think dh, ds or I have been back to sleep since then.

We have another busy day today. I have more baking to do for tomorrow's party and also some friends for lunch and an afternoon of play.
I need to get the house tidy this morning so it won't take long to regain control this evening so my list for this morning is~
~bath the kids
~tidy everything into correct rooms (kids to help)
~decorate cup cakes (kids to help)
~put away clean laundry
~s&s kitchen
~s&s bathroom and cloakroom (dd to help)
~dust living room
~hoover throughout

EustaciaVye Thu 31-Jul-08 07:42:07

Morning all.

Managed to get some good Polly Pocket and Animal Hospital things in Sale last night so DDs friends birthday stash will be a bit healthier.

House quite nice. Definitely easier to maintain when DH not here, although he is back tonight. Yay.

Bianca - I have found that DD starts getting diarreah during the holidays. Could DCs but unsettled because of the holidays?

Off to finish morning routine...

BiancaCastafiore Thu 31-Jul-08 07:49:32

possibly ev, they are having very different bedtimes...that may be something to do with it and I suppose they've been drinking lots in this hot weather...
They're both very sleepy now curled up watching Numberjacks (well, dd is watching, ds is hiding under a blanket cos he's scared)
It's very tempting to go and throw a tantrum on the floor and disturb their sleepiness in the same fashion they did mine at 3am!! grin

I'll resist, and go and start putting the washing away and run them a bath...bbl x

rowingboat Thu 31-Jul-08 07:52:33

Hi everyone! grin
Phew! Didn't even get on here yesterday. We were out a lot of the day.
We were on our way to the opticians (have to go back today for 9AM with LO in jammies smile), when we stumbled upon a free Persil kids event in our local park. Apparently, they are on all over the country from late July. This is the map to show where and when they are on
I would say they would suit from toddler up to 12, because they had organised juggling and diabolo (sp?) and silly putting as well as 'younger' stuff.
Hope the ill people are all feeling a bit better today. smile

Today I'm hoping to do

hotspots, 6 mins
5 minute room rescue,
washing up, 10 mins
15 minute declutter (LO's bookshelf shock
bathroom S&S 5 mins
Laundry on line 15 mins
Clothes put away 10 mins
clothes on airer 10 mins
tonight's dinner (no idea yet - suggestions welcome! smile)
walk to opticians LO eye test & hand in frames 120 mins
walk to opticians opticians collect frames 90 mins
buy dodgy ceramic cats for Granny 1 minute
Take LO to library - renew books 60 mins

but the big thing today is to buy blades for our stanley knife and start cutting the carpet tiles that have just arrived.
(Counts fingers) many mins.

EHM Thu 31-Jul-08 07:56:01

Morning All

EV hope your upset tummy is better.
BiancaPoor you, hope you get some rest later today.I think I would be tempted to get rid of the bloody cockerels!angry

Do so far:
ironed & put away
make up 2 spare beds
cup of tea me
milk dd

To Do:
run dw
get showered/dressed
s&s bathroom
clean windows in/out
weed front/back gardens
sweep decking
sweep front
clean step/front door
on line grocery order if needed
1 load of washing
hoover spare room
hang cleaned & ironed curtains in LivingRoom
meet friends for lunch/play this afternoon
wrap baby presents x 2, birthday presents x 2
go to post office to post above presents
collect perscription for dh from dentisthmm
stick brush up my backside

TaTa for now.x.x.x

EHM Thu 31-Jul-08 07:57:44

HI rowingboat dont think we have met before? Thanks for the

BiancaCastafiore Thu 31-Jul-08 08:36:34

rowingboat the events on the link look good..I'll keep my eye out for anything local, thanks

EHM it is sooo tempting to get rid of the sodding cockerels! The chickens are noisey enough and the geese (who have bred, there's now 4 of the things!) but the cockerels are the worst, they're just so unnecessary in a residential area like this.angry

Kids are in the bath, squabbling because they're so tired.
I have for some reason emptied ds's bookshelves in an attempt to tidy his room so have an extra job on my hands sorting the mess out from there now.

I also mustn't forget to get myself dressed at some point soon....

lucysmam Thu 31-Jul-08 08:43:21

good morning all <waves to all>

no time to stop, have another burst pipe (at least im hoping its just a pipe) and a huge puddle coming through living room light fitting so off to mil's for day with lo while plumber fixes it so will catch upp tomorrow.

hope you're all feeling better than you have been and kids r not driving you potty!!!

tata xx

TheMadHouse Thu 31-Jul-08 09:33:35

Morning all

We too have all the bedding in the wash Bianca, but due to a drink accident in our bed this morning.

DS2 has the virus and wants "his poorley throat to be good"

EHM Does the brrom up the bum work then? grin

Rowingboat You have been busy

EV Are you feeling any better

Lucys Hope the pipe gets sorted soon

Need to pop to Aldi this am, but not sure what to do re the boys as they are still under the weather and they just get stir crazy at home

EustaciaVye Thu 31-Jul-08 09:37:26

Yes thanks mad. All fine now.

Off out to park/picnic this morning. finding summer hols a bit tiring already blush

Shannaratiger Thu 31-Jul-08 09:37:52

Morning all

Only a quick post, we're off to a community craft morning, 1.5 hours of paint, glue adn what ever else they can think
Morning routine
Kitchen windowsill cleared and degunked.

DS is having a nap and DD is winging in my ear.


EHM Thu 31-Jul-08 10:00:24

TMH always room for the broomgrin
lucy hope plumber gets you sorted
EVglad you are feeling better
shanna enjoy your arts & crafts

TheMadHouse Thu 31-Jul-08 10:15:40

One load of bedding on the line and the duvet is now in the machine - I am so happy that when we were forced to get a new machine (after 14 years of loyal service of the old one) that the man in the repair place talked me into a larger drum for just these moments. [Smile]

How often did you need to wash a duvet before childre?

Boys are both curled up with cbeebies, it seems wrong in this weather, but under the curcumstances

Mog37 Thu 31-Jul-08 10:59:03

Morning all

Hope all of you out to do summer holiday things with DCs have a great day (and better weather than here!): good luck to lucy with the pipes: and I'm now seriously considering buying some poultry to revenge myself on our neighbours for their blazing rows all summer wink .

Anyway, baby step Day 22 (wow!)

Washing in machine
Mopped kitchen floor
Swept & vacuumed utility room floor
Trod on glass from jar of pesto dropped last night (memo to self: never trust DH to clean up again.)

To do:
Return cat's belongings to utility room
Dry washing (looks like it might be a tumbledryer day here)
Sort fold and put away dry washing from yesterday (looks like 90 billion nappies)
Hot spot dining room & lay table (parents coming for dinner)

TheMadHouse Thu 31-Jul-08 11:04:43

Oh bedding is dry - I love line dried stuff - yum

littlemissloopy Thu 31-Jul-08 11:24:48

Morning smile

Bianca Hope you manage to get some rest (I know...not likely!) but the thought is there, maybe you could all have an early night.
Hope the birthday goes well tomorrow smile

Mog I like the revenge idea, we could do with some cockrels too grin

Mad I'd love a bigger drum in our machine.....maybe when this one gives up the ghost (which by the noise it makes won't be too long!) I'll look for bigger drummed machines.

Morning EHM smile Keep meaning to catch up with you, hope all is ok xx

EV enjoy the park, I am feeling like that already too! We are only in week 2 as well! blush

Shannar hope the craft session goes ok.....loads of glue and mess....lovely grin

Lucy's Oooooh I do hope it isn't anything too serious....fingers crossed the plumber fixes it quickly.

rowingboat ooooh I'll check the Persil link (not sure whether I'll loose my post if I do it now, so I'll do it in a mo)
Thanks smile

Well weather is overcast today, housework this morning, then a play date this afternoon. I'm trying very hard to not get too stressed at home (car is in the garage having the brake pads done so I've been car less for the last few days)

Town tomorrow though, have to post Bianca's DS pressie, buy some bits for DD2's B'day and pick some items up from Argos. As the electricity is off all day I'm taking the kids to a local RSPB reserve to do Pond Dipping and Minibeast Hunting smile

rowingboat Thu 31-Jul-08 12:09:41

Hi EHM and Eustacia and Ed, Shannara and Mog (my LO said 'is it like Mog the cat?) I said I didn't think you were a cat, but good typing if you are. grin
Bianca you could get a minibus and take all those neighbourhood kids to the Persil thing. grinAir rifle for cockerels - it sounds like something for the local council noise people to investigate. You must be so cranky after being woken by them. shock
TMH jealous of you with your big drum. grin
LucysMam good luck with sorting out the leak, is that the workmen doing all the damage?
Loopy what's up with the garage, that is quite a quick job - my clever old DP did ours a couple of months ago and it took about three hours, with a Haynes manual. That sounds like a fab day out with the pond. smile

Today I'm hoping to do

hotspots, 6 mins
5 minute room rescue,
washing up, 10 mins
15 minute declutter (LO's bookshelf shock
bathroom S&S 5 mins
Laundry on line 15 mins done
Clothes put away 10 mins
clothes on airer 10 mins
tonight's dinner (no idea yet - suggestions welcome! smile)- chicken out of freezer still ???
walk to opticians LO eye test & hand in frames 120 mins done but forgot frames - doh! so no need for walking back. shock
walk to opticians opticians collect frames 90 mins hmm
buy dodgy ceramic cats for Granny 1 minute
Take LO to library - renew books 60 mins

but the big thing today is to buy blades for our stanley knife done
and start cutting the carpet tiles that have just arrived.
(Counts fingers) many mins.

littlemissloopy Thu 31-Jul-08 12:27:40

rowingboat Don't ask...its a local garage my DH works at (he's not actually a mechanic as such, he specialises in gearboxes and is self employed...just rents the space in the garage) but any job that needs doing on the car seems to take forever...DH doesn't have the time to do it, so he leaves the car in the forecourt waiting for someone to do it, and as it is usually done as a "favour" it only gets done when there isn't anything more urgent to do! (Or until I put my foot down and nag because I need the car! in the case of the break pads)
Nagging is usually a last resort too as DH gets stressed at being nagged....he is FAR too busy to do it himself and as it is a favour he doesn't want to hastle them (mare) but at least it gets done eventually and usually at a reduced price.

BiancaCastafiore Thu 31-Jul-08 12:36:53

We are getting bored waiting for our friends to arrive for lunch....anyone about to entertain us?

BiancaCastafiore Thu 31-Jul-08 12:45:08

grin and as often happens I ask and Loopy tunes in by some weird force and comes on MSN to say hello grin

littlemissloopy Thu 31-Jul-08 12:50:52

grin we are psycically linked I swear!!

Have fun making biscuits xxxxxxxxx

That's given me a good idea for my DD2's party on

Right I'd better get a wiggle on! we have visitors arriving at some point too, and the place is a tip!

lucysmam Thu 31-Jul-08 14:03:59

well, im back <awaits overjoyed reaction>

had fun chasing my very noisy lo round mil's all morning and have come back to a bomb site!!! huge puddle in middle of living room n can't turn lights on in case they blow us up shock so, plan of action while waiting for sparky is put kitchen to rights, again!! and wait for insurance people to ring me back. then make new claim for carpets up n down and decorating in lo's room!!

at least we're not swimming again!

rowingboat it's not the workmen, unfortunately its the house is so old and knackered that the pipes need some major work doing to them (which landlord's agent was told about when the first pipe burst but seems to have ignored). but fingers crossed it will get done now.

am quite happy with insurance now though, we're getting money to choose fridge and cooker so can get what i actually want

hope you're all having a better day than i am and those who weren't feeling well are starting to feel better!! i'm off to put my likkle house back together and hope it stays that way for at least a day

Bewilderbeast Thu 31-Jul-08 14:28:40

afternoon all hope all are well
bianca you could always roast the cockerel - maybe it could accidentally stumble into your barbaque!
waves madly to EHM*
line dried things are so much nicer they smell lovely


dw unloaded, reloaded and on
wm unloaded, reloaded and on
washing hung up
bed made
living room quickly tidied
ds taken to nursery

Mog37 Thu 31-Jul-08 15:20:34

*rowing boat* - I'm not, of course, The Mog the Cat but you & LO are both nearly right as I've named myself after my own Moggie who does like to "help" me type. grin

To do:
Return cat's belongings to utility room done
Dry washing (looks like it might be a tumbledryer day here) *it's in tumbledryer*
Sort fold and put away dry washing from yesterday (looks like 90 billion nappies) done
Hot spot dining room & lay table (parents coming for dinner) done

Looks like I'm on a roll! Time for a cuppa.

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