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Carpet Washer or steam cleaner??? Help please!!!

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hastingsmum Wed 30-Jul-08 20:28:00

We have recently moved to a 3 storey house with carpets in all rooms so I need to buy a carpet cleaner but we are on a tight budget unfortunately blush

Can anyone recommend a decent carpet washer/steam cleaner reasonably cheap please? (Def. under £100)

It needs to be powerful enough to do the downstairs beige shock carpet and lightweight and easy to carry so I can do all the stairs.

Also, will steam cleaning actually work? Or do I need to use detargents ie a carpet cleaner?

Thank you in advance... smile

Yorky Wed 30-Jul-08 20:51:43

We bought a vax pet special carpet shampooer when we moved last time and are always horrified by what it picks up but it cost over your £100 budget Would it be worth hiring one, if you plan to use it regularly for the whole house then you may need to save up or check ebay
It is very economical with shampoo btw

Ambi Wed 30-Jul-08 20:57:02

don't know about steam cleaners but we have a vax, its very good. Dh did our cream rug this weekend, I thought it was beyond cleaning and ready to throw the dirty grey thing out, but came up sparkly and cream again. I'm not sure of the price, reckon they might be over your budget but a very worthwhile investment.

hastingsmum Wed 30-Jul-08 21:45:16

Thanx for your answers. I've seen some vax cleaners in Robert Dyas and Argos half price (under £ 100) so might have to get one then.

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