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Wednesday Flylady

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EustaciaVye Wed 30-Jul-08 09:09:20

EustaciaVye Wed 30-Jul-08 09:11:06

Morning all.

Morning routine complete. House nice and tidy thanks to DD2 who has today declared a NO TV day!! shock I'm having to work a bit harder at playing with them than normal blush

Off out this morning but plan to hoover downstairs this afternoon.

BiancaCastafiore Wed 30-Jul-08 09:17:19


No TV EV? shock Hope the play day goes wellgrin

Sooo behind with the threads as usual these days but am not doing too badly on the housework front esp considering it's the school holidays!

Have loads to do today in prep for ds birthday party at the end of the week. I seem to have been caught out a bit by his birthday (no excuse, it's been the same day for 5 yearsblushgrin)and am not organised at all!

Hope everyone is well x

damewashalot Wed 30-Jul-08 09:28:39

Hello, no real flying here yet but trying to start to get back to it but thought I'd say a quick hellogrin

House needs to be tidy for visitors at weekend which is tricky when I spend so much of each day breast feeding.hmm

Bianca, you live in a lovely place, we were there a couple of weeks ago, had a picnic by the river. I could quite happily live there, no way we could afford a house though!

Big waves to everyone else, hope all are ok.

BiancaCastafiore Wed 30-Jul-08 09:40:26

Hi Dame , how are things as a mother of 4? You should've looked me up if you were here, I'd have loved to meet up Think about it for another time maybe? I know what you mean about house prices, I'm so pleased we bought when we did 11 years ago!

TheMadHouse Wed 30-Jul-08 09:44:53

Morning ladies

No FLYing taking plac at the Madhouse. I am still a little under the weather nad DS1 has not recovered from his toncillitus, but I took them to the beach yeterday afternoon and let them have chips for tea grin

I am taking DS2 swimming with morning and my mum is coming to sit with DS1.

Once I am 100% I will start back with the fly, I am doing the washing and ironing through.

I am concentrating what energies I have on the boys and leaving notes for DH as neither of us can talk without loads of throat pain at the end of the day. I am managing to talk to the boys during the day but that is about it

scattyspice Wed 30-Jul-08 09:49:19


Hello dame Hows things? Congratulations and huge respect! grin.

Bianca what have you planned for DS birthday?

EV hope the weathers nice for your no TV day!

Soft play with a friend smile.


sagacious Wed 30-Jul-08 10:02:05

Morning my children !

Well after a very ill advised home detox (I read the instructions wrong and started on day 2 .. thus spending 2 days on the loo)

I am sort of back to normal.

I am 3lb's lighter grin

Have Sainsburys delivery at 11.00
Unsure as to weather to venture out today
I don't think i'll risk it TBH its 30 mins on the bus blush

SO perhaps a bit of light dusting and the kids in the paddling pool

dame congrats!

lucysmam Wed 30-Jul-08 10:07:06

good morning ladies

well, im slightly worse for wear today after oh's birthday which is the perfect time for me to blitz the house like i normallly do when hungover.

so, things to do today:
1 lights in wm
2 clean bathroom
3 sort kitchen as far as can be done
4 tidy around lo in living room until later on
5 put everything away in our bedroom
6 shops for nappies and tea bags
7 clear everything off stairs
8 put away stuff in our bedroom
9 ring landlords agent about a leak from water tank dripping into lo's room

and anything else i think of.

mad i think you do right to do as little as poss and concentrate on feeling better

ev your dd suggested a no tv day?? is she feeling ok lol

bianca hope you get ds's birthday organised ok smile

littlemissloopy Wed 30-Jul-08 10:56:07

Morning ladies smile

Bianca Ahhhh....I had a feeling it was your DS's B'day, I have a little something for him, but can't get into town until Friday, so it might be a day or so late if that is ok? xx

DH and I created a huge mess late last night! We decided to move the D/W which has been blocking the back door, so that we don't have to keep using the patio doors in the lounge, as the carpets are suffering and it is a pain to keep having visitors step directly into the lounge, especially when it is a mess!!
It means a huge shuffle round though, so lots of sorting to do this morning.

We are off out for a walk later, the BBC (Wales) are filming just up the road from us, so some of the other mums and I are taking the kids up to watch, they are putting on a Tea Prty for the children apparently, so if it doesn't rain, that will be a nice few hours later today smile

bythepowerofgreyskul Wed 30-Jul-08 11:14:20

Morning all

Have done kitchen
washing on line & new load in

Paper work sorted
just got to do some ironing
make macaroni cheese
go to the park with the boys

I feel so happy in a stepford wife kind of way that I cleared the study, I can now open the front door without having to close the study door first. grin

Hope you all have a good day

damewashalot Wed 30-Jul-08 11:16:46

Bianca, we were there for a 'thing' with in-laws and had a time tabled day so no gaps for meeting up. The boys liked seeing where daddy lived when he was younger and loved the fact that they have knocked his school downgrin

grouchyoscar Wed 30-Jul-08 11:22:41


Congrats. I managed 13 mths of BFing with Ed and I really enjoyed it.

TMH Glad you seem to be on the mend

RR Pleased you're having a sneeky peak

<<Wavess to Bianca EV Scatty Saga Lucys and Loopy

DH went into work today, got sent home immediatley shock for 'looking like s**t'! I organised an urgent GP appointment (again) and he saw my fave GP who said he didn't feel it was a stress thing but he has Strep on his throat as well as flu so it's another week off and a course of ABs. I'm so pleased it's strep and not stress. I've had awful times with stress and depression and I don't wish that on him at all.

So as well as my PA function I have

Stayed in bed dutifully as DH was concerned about my sore throat (errh but that was sleeping with my mouth open in a room with a fan on!?!)
Got up the moment he left and
Took huge load of washing inc ned clothes downstairs

Sort into whites and colours
Load WM and run
Make our bed
Strip Eds bed
Empty WSM and reload
Hang washing up to dry
Turn Ed's mattress
Make Ed's bed
Tidy his room

Brekkie will be lunch (or vice versa) and I will potter and sort out things for tomorrow's seaside trip, East Coast here grouchy and ed come again!!!

Washer has stopped so I better empty, reload and hang washing again...Byeeeeeeeeeeee

EHM Wed 30-Jul-08 11:31:32

Quickly <<<<waves>>>>> to ALL

Back from my travels,away again next wednesday to Jersey for 5 days to visit my aunty & uncle. Had nightmare journey back from Scotland on Sunday. Due to my own stupidity I forgot mine & ellie's passports unable to fly home so had to train it! We left PILS at 1245 on Sunday afternoon & arrived home 9pm Sunday night! I won't don't that again in a hurryblush Ellie has been poorly since late sunday night, at DR's yesterday.She is laid on couch at moment.

TMH hope you are on the was lovely to meet up with you & ds again.
bianca thanks for keeping updated by text. your are such a sweetysmile Glad to hear ds ok after fall & youa re enjoying school holidays.
tort how are you,any more pain with gall stones?
Hello to jas, EV, dame, scatty, saga, LML lucysmam, *bythe power,*bewilder, Grouchy & rubyR. Also to all of those I have missed & any newbies since my last post .{smile]

EHM Wed 30-Jul-08 11:32:52

grouhcy x posts sorry to hear dh is unwell.sounds very similar to what ellie has.speedy recovery to MrGrouchy.

Shannaratiger Wed 30-Jul-08 12:57:20

Afternoon all

Sorry for my very abrupt start to the weekend thread, I ment to carry on but dc's were being a pain.

FLY wise am plodding slowly, am sort of getting teh missions done just not in Kelly's order. hmm

EV shock at DD2 declaring no TV day, that's usualy my job, never lasts a whole day either. smile
Bianca what are you doing for ds's birthday?
Dame how old is dc, adn how many feeds? I managed 7 mnths bfeeding before DS got to bored feeding facing me, wanted to feed sitting up watching everything.
Visitors are definately the best motivation for FLYing.
TMH getting you all better is definately mroe important than FLYing. Hope you're all on the mend.
scatty have fun at teh soft play area, I love them realyl tires both of them out.
sag what home dettox did you use? I knew their was a reason I always run a mile from them grin
lucy glad you adn dh had a fun alcohol filed evening, hope the hangover goes soon.
lml tea party sounds great fun, hope the weather holds.
grouchy hope dh rests and gets better soon. shock at you being allowed to stay in bed.
EHM the journey back sounds a nightmare, hope Ellie feels better soon.
Hello to greyskull tort adn everyone else.

Have just had a bloke coming round as teh council are replacing all our boilers, will take 1 day to clean out the pipes and 2/3days to replace the boiler, should be fun. hmm
Am trying to get them to move the radiator "whilst they're doing the pipes anyway" have therefore got a council surveyor coming round sometime pm. Suddenly realised he will have to look at the radiator in the aring cupboard shock, you can't see it. Have now cleaned and sorted out the airing cupboard which I've been meaning to do for months.
DD is havign her hair cut at 3:15 so he'd better get here sooner rather than later.

Anyway DS is still havign a nap, fell asleep about 11am. We are still struggling with his nap times. I want him to stop his 2nd 4pm nap and go tp bed earlier. Yesterday no nap, bed at 6pm, woke up at 8:30 and didn't go back until 10:15 angry, will stick with the nap I think. I am going to wake him up now though I think.

Sorry for the long post.
Have a good afternoon everyone

lucysmam Wed 30-Jul-08 13:39:43

afternoon all,

so far out of my list
1 lights in wm done
2 clean bathroom
3 sort kitchen as far as can be done done
4 tidy around lo in living room until later on done
5 put everything away in our bedroom *half done*
6 shops for nappies and tea bags done
7 clear everything off stairs
8 put away stuff in our bedroom
9 ring landlords agent about a leak from water tank dripping into lo's room discovered it wasn't a leak but a tile or 7 come off roof so shouted at them about the fact they didn't get repairs done right in 1st place

have also phoned insurance again and told them im hugely unimpressed and they're delivering fridgefreezer and cooker this week!

shannar hangover still lurking a bit but keeping busy so not really noticed it.

anyways, off to finish my list then mission, read babystep and have a cuppa tea with feet up. ttfn xx

TheMadHouse Wed 30-Jul-08 13:56:36


I am just having a cuppa and a break.

So far I have

Taken D2 swimming
Sorted lunch for all
Washer on
Swimming things are now hanging on the line

DS1 was sick whilst we were swimming, but my mum forgot to tell me until after I had given him bolegnease for lunch - so I hope he is not sick again as it will not be nice

EHM Why do you need a passport to fly from scotland to england? Hope Ellie is feeling better, sounds like what I picked up to

Greyscull At least you have a study - stop bragging stepford wife.

Sag You always make me smile - detox away, I bet a couple of nights without the wine would have made the same difference

Groucy I was given anbibs by the GP, as he was worried that it might not heal well on its own. I still dont really have a voice, but it is starting to improve.

Bainca can you mail me your address please grin

Loopy Never anything by halfs in your house

Scatty It came out sunny yesterday afternoon - yippee. Next time I am up at Ikea or what we should meet

Dame Glad to have you back, how is it being a family oif four now?

Shanna fingures scrossed with the radiator
Waves to Lucys and anyon else I have missed

Must dash DS1 wants a cuddle - yum

BiancaCastafiore Wed 30-Jul-08 14:04:20

Many people were very upset when the school was knocked down Dame but have to admit my two think it's pretty cool to think that mummy's school was knocked down toogrin
Loopy it must be your dd2's birthday soon too eh? Will that make her 3?shock Hope the tea party is fun. Sorry to have missed you on MSN, maybe catch you later?

For those who asked, we are having two (2) parties for ds as he has so many friends! So we have an official party on Friday with party tea, bouncy castle, party bags, balloons etc then an open house on Saturday with the bouncy castle again but no proper party food/bags etc. There are 14 coming on Friday and we have given out enough invites for 20odd kids on Saturday (EHM you are welcome along if you like?) but I hope they stagger themselves and don't all come along at once!grin

We have been and bought party food today and need to bake some cakes this afternoon.
It's very hot again so I'll fill the paddling pool for the kids to play in inbetween cooking/cooling times for cakes.

BiancaCastafiore Wed 30-Jul-08 14:06:07

Poor ds, hope he's better soon TMH I hope you soon feel brighter again too x
I'll send you an email asap grin

TheMadHouse Wed 30-Jul-08 14:39:24

Bainca He seems fine running around now I have given him some calpol to bring his temp down.

I think she had given him some toast and an apple - he had already had his porridge shock

damewashalot Wed 30-Jul-08 15:39:26

Thanks all for the warm welcome backsmile

In answer to you questions, I don't really know how many feeds because they tend to merge a little still, he's 9wks now but gaining weight slowly so having trouble with hv re topping up but gp on my sidegrin, found out yesterday he has a heart murmer and have been refered to hospital to have him checked. As for What it's like with 4 kids, I'm not sure yet, if it wasn't for the constant feeding I don't think it would be that much harder than 3, I managed a trip to the library on my own with them all last week and coped which I was fairly pleased with. (no parking near so quite a walk)People do look at you as if to say "are they all hers?"

Sounds like you are all still getting on well with the flying. Keep it up.

damewashalot Wed 30-Jul-08 15:40:26

Sorry, babyy brain, hope poorly one gets better and fun is had at partiesgrin

EHM Wed 30-Jul-08 16:06:36

shanna was a nightmare, but glad to be home safe & sound.
TMHsince 9/11 photo ID is required to fly internally. Either passport or photo driving licence. My photo licence arrived whilst I was away & had forgotten Passports for me & ellie. In Scotland they appear to much more strict with regards security, with items being carried within hand luggage. Not surprising given the attempted terrorist attack in Glasgow Airport I think it was last year? Still don't need ID for train travel & I had started my journey by train so it just slipped my mind. Hope DS is on the mend soon.
bianca thank you so much for the kind invite.Ellie & I would have loved to come along.My friend from Scotland is in London with work so she is staying with us until late Saturday.

Right Ellie is napping so I am off to hand last load of today on line & bring in dry washing. Ia m sure next door are putting stuff in my washing basket at night!

scattyspice Wed 30-Jul-08 16:30:33


Back from soft play, ended up going to friends house so had lovely chat while kids played grin.

Not much flying done except dusted with DCs this am. Need to get washing in as starting to rain.

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