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any tips on making ironing faster...

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cookiemonstress Mon 28-Jul-08 12:32:54

apart from not doing it!

Am not a manic ironer but there is a certain amount of things that have to be ironed (shirts, work stuff and a few bits for dc). I can't bear it and was wondering if there was any way to make it quicker (do more expensive irons do this?) or more enjoyable..

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Mon 28-Jul-08 12:34:54

If you iron when the clothes are still a bit damp they iron easier. If not, use a water spray or spray starch.

I don't think anything is ever going to make it more enjoyable grin

moondog Mon 28-Jul-08 12:36:59

Put theradio on or some good music. Do it straight away. That way pain lasts for ashort period of time rather than thought of it niggling you for days.

suedonim Mon 28-Jul-08 12:47:43

Get yourself a steam generator iron! It really does halve the time taken to iron things because for the most part, you only need to iron on one side, even for jeans. I was astounded at how much faster the pile reduces. smile smile

prettybird Mon 28-Jul-08 12:49:20

Fold things up neatly when you take them down from the washing line or take them out the dryer. Put them into a neat pile in the wash basket until you are ready to iron. It's amazing how the weight of the clothes themselves helps to reduce the amount of ironing required.

MrsBadger Mon 28-Jul-08 12:50:10

dry things on hangers

or do 20min a nigth in front of the tv

never ever let it build up

maidamess Mon 28-Jul-08 12:54:20

I iron whilst watching a DVD.

solo Mon 28-Jul-08 12:56:42

Agree with suedonim. I love mine. Expensive to pay out for at first, but so much quicker and easier in the long term.

cookiemonstress Tue 29-Jul-08 17:52:17

Thanks for tips! Do fancy one of those irons but need to tackle faulty hoover situation before. Also wondering whether have storage room..they seem pretty hefty!.. my mil folds wet washing direct from the machine and leaves it in a pile for 30 mins before hanging out and it comes out better than my ironing. But she seems to have a knack for this and I can't seem to do it!

ja9 Tue 29-Jul-08 17:54:48

i second pretty bird. give the items a good shake before you hang them on the line and then fold them as you take them off the line.

kittywise Tue 29-Jul-08 18:18:33

I've used an ironing press now for a good few years, they beat any iron hands down for speed and and a good 'ironed look'. it literally takes me half the time using a press.

Electricgooberella Tue 29-Jul-08 18:21:46

I do at least 2 loads of washing each day and iron it as soon as it comes off the line/ out of drier. I know if I let a pile mount up I would not do it so 'little and often' works better for me.

lulumama Tue 29-Jul-08 18:24:26

steam generator iron

candyfluff Tue 29-Jul-08 18:31:01

i hate hate hate ironing but i find a water spray works wonders on creases

blossomsmine Tue 29-Jul-08 21:48:01

Can anyone recommend a good steam generator iron? I have been thinking about one for ages but with all the choice was worried about spending money on one and it not being the 'right' one!

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