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FlyLadies THIS WAY>>>>>>>>>> MONDAY

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bythepowerofgreyskull Mon 28-Jul-08 09:14:52

<can I start the thread today?>

biglips Mon 28-Jul-08 09:15:37

you might as well as noone else had done it yet....grin

bythepowerofgreyskull Mon 28-Jul-08 09:16:44

mission smile

bythepowerofgreyskull Mon 28-Jul-08 09:17:15


bythepowerofgreyskull Mon 28-Jul-08 09:21:16

Am back on the wagon smile
not letting anything get in the way.

morning routine done

just going to pack up some bits and go to Mums for the day she has a pool in the garden and it is going to be 30 degrees again today! Our paddling pool just didn't cut it this weekend.

HAVE to tackle the wardrobe and study problem this week.. Please nag me!!

Hope you have all had a good weekend.
TMH are you going to see the doctors today? I hope you are beginning to feel better.
Tort I am so pleased you went to the doctors.. better to get things sorted sooner rather than later.
BabyJJ - sad did you have any idea you were diabetic? What a shock for you!
Thanks Biglips

Hope everyone has a good day smile

scattyspice Mon 28-Jul-08 09:30:51

Morning biglips and greyskull.

Quick list

Buy milk
organise 2 friends to play.

I'll catch up later. Off to shops now.

Hope everyone is enjoying the sun smile.

sagacious Mon 28-Jul-08 09:37:45

Morning !
All quiet in Sag household
Ds is on new lap top playing chess (v strange boy) with dd cheering him on (equally strange girl)

My list:

Unload d/w done
Buy birthday present (online)
Shower and dress
Hoover upstairs
Change bed sheets
Get out paddling pool for dc's
Water garden
Start detox this evening (I have had far too much crap these last 2 weeks and I'm starting to get the dreaded muffin top)

Laters dudettes

biglips Mon 28-Jul-08 09:50:39

babyjj - what a shock about the diabetics situation. My friend became diabetic about 10 yrs ago when she was in her 40's so it was a shock to her.

????can i ask a question????

What happen to the mission for next Monday? as it be back to the beginning as the same as july's?

TheMadHouse Mon 28-Jul-08 10:16:01

Morning all

No I am not going to the doctors - DS1 has come down with it too. He han not swallow verywell, so it is viral and nothing anyone can do.

So we are having a DVD day. It is really misty and the sea fret has made everything really damp and cold - so no outsid stuff today.

lucysmam Mon 28-Jul-08 10:35:55

good morning all!

hope everyone's had a fab weekend in the sunshine!!

mad enjoy your dvd day, hope you and ds are feeling well again soon

greyskull enjoy yourself in the sun at your mums

well, today i'm doing mission and babysteps and that's probably it until later as oh is laying new kitchen floor so cant get through there or into bathroom (thats downstairs) to do anything with them <crosses legs n waits impatiently to get for a pee>

am swapping toys around for lo too as im getting quite bored with the ones she has down here so she must be too although atm she's throwing a paddy because i wont let her play with my tumbley dryer which has taken up residence in my living room for the day!!

lucysmam Mon 28-Jul-08 10:38:02

oh, almost forgot, i'm going to phone insurance and shout at them again as well since still no fridgefreezer and the fridge part of mine is dying on me now too!!!!

anyone know how long it usually takes for stuff with insurance to get sorted??? (ive never claimed for anything before!) four weeks seems like a VERY long time to me when i have a dodgy cooker to use as well until they get their asses in gear!

scattyspice Mon 28-Jul-08 12:22:30

Back from the shops.

lucy hmm have never claimed off insurance either, but imagine it takes ages!

biglips the missons keep going repeating (though its supposed to be a different zone/wk) so if you don't get it done, don't worry as it'll come round aginlol.

TMH hmm where has the sun gone?

saga good luck with the detox (I should clean up my act too!).

Am off to wash up then tackle laundry before going swimming.


rowingboat Mon 28-Jul-08 13:12:18

lucysmam you are going to have to perfect a huuuge leap across the tiles and actually landing on the toilet. There, I've sorted out that problem. [pleased face]
Or a bucket.
I'm still doing yesterday's stuff
Not feeling too clever today anyway, and have work this avo (as they say on Neighbours).
Did 5 (10) minute room rescue - it's always the kitchen.
activated credit card
swish and swipe bathroom
replaced towels and bathmat in bathroom
laundry on line
new load in (I do all my washing at night as we are white meter)
booked eye test for wednesday
one hotspot done
dusted bookshelves and TV

Still to do
Look for glasses indefinite
make blackcurrant coulis 25 mins
freeze other blackcurrants (top and tail first) 10 mins
other two hotspots 4 mins

focus on finishing DP's shorts

DP is doing dins [pleased face]

washing up after DP cooks [displeased face]

15 minute declutter top shelf of bookshelf (want to make a zen shelf - no idea how)
dust chest in bedroom 5 mins

SirCharlieStinkySocks Mon 28-Jul-08 13:20:25

Afternoon all!

Have been awol for a few days enjoying the sunshine here, house now looks like a tip. Having a dvd afternoon as boys have had foist day of football lessons all morning and are shattered and it's a week long event so don't want them too tired to go back!!!

Hello to everyone and hugs for those that are poorly.

Football lessons
1 load in washer

To Do


Catch you all later

lucysmam Mon 28-Jul-08 14:02:50

lmao@rowing boat! thanks for that suggestion, i kicked oh out of way instead but that one was useful in case of extreme emergency!!!

flooring is a disaster area, not going very well n seems to be taking forever to get going! im off to supervise some more!!

Bewilderbeast Mon 28-Jul-08 14:07:52

afternoon all*

hope you are feeling better today


bed made
wm unloaded, reloaded and on
washinh hung up
dw unloaded reloaded and on
qick sitting room tidy
ds taken to granny's

grouchyoscar Mon 28-Jul-08 14:42:37


Just got laptop time.

DH Still off sick, he needs sleep (shock so do I as your snoring is diabolical) Thing is I have a ton of stuff to do in the bedroom but I can't do it as he's in there clutterring it up hmm

Got up with Ed and

Emptied DW
Put away
Shined sink
Put stuff left in the sink in DW
Make breakfast for Ed (and his friend)
Breakfast in bed for DH
Have breakfast
Tidy away
Pop to next town to get some basics for Ed
Back to local town as next town had nowt
Light shopping
Put shopping away
Make lunch for me, Ed and his friend
tidy away
Load DW and run

Ed is plying out with his friends so I'm keeping an ear on the situation

It's cloudy and clammy here, but nice

sagacious Mon 28-Jul-08 14:45:41

Its hot here
Too bloody hot

DS is STILL playing chess
Its bizarre

DD is running around the garden skidding on the skiddy mat

I have no energy
I am wilting (gracefully)
Am wearing tankini I bought 2 weeks ago and its too tight..arghhh

Am drinking green tea
Will assume yoga pose and look serene (if slightly sweaty)

EustaciaVye Mon 28-Jul-08 14:47:34

Too hot here too but I have just washed my car so a bit wet now. Think it may be about to rain. yay!

DD2 has been in bed since 12

DD1 in good mood. as we have made cakes, washed car and played with bubbles in back garden. One is so much easier than two.

RubyRioja Mon 28-Jul-08 17:59:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lucysmam Mon 28-Jul-08 19:16:14

evening ladies, hope you're all still loving the sunny weather like me grin

well, today i have achieved a big fat nothing. my kitchen has moved around which will make it easier to get old fridge freezer out and new one in but other than that after a lot of huffing and puffing it was decided (although not really in consultation with me who uses the kitchen most) that it was pointless laying new floor to scratch it taking the old fridge out!!!

so i played in paddling pool and on computer all day n made lots of cuppas (essential supervisory duty you know!!)

off to finish off my unproductive day with some very dodgy tv watchin for an hour or 5 now, ttfn xx

rowingboat Mon 28-Jul-08 22:40:18

Ooo, it sounds a bit sticky where a lot of you are. shock
We had a sea har (sp?) this morning and then this afternoon kind of hazy sun, so not too bad for doing stuff. Feeling much better now than earlier.

Lucysmam be careful you don't get the plan upside down. Perhaps order one of those portaloos they have on building sites for tomorrow? wink

Look for glasses indefinite - found them, Yay! Under the bed, silly old me!

make blackcurrant coulis 25 mins Made, bit tart though. [wince]
freeze other blackcurrants (top and tail first) 10 mins did it
other two hotspots 4 mins yep

focus on finishing DP's shorts fat chance

DP is doing dins [pleased face] yum

washing up after DP cooks [displeased face]not too bad about 15 mins whole kitchen

15 minute declutter top shelf of bookshelf (want to make a zen shelf - no idea how)
dust chest in bedroom 5 mins done
spot clean carpet in sitting room - 15 mins done
sweep kitchen floor and wipe - 10 mins done

TheMadHouse Mon 28-Jul-08 22:49:46

Evening lovleys

Rowingboat Well done - keep up the good work. We have had sea fret or harr all day. The patio, slide et all has been wet all day.

We are pants, I feel like pants - no flying.

DH is at wrok feeling pants, DS1 feeling pants. DS2 winding all us ill people up generally being an obnoxious 2 year old, who is pushing all the right buttons and testing out all his boundries. He bit me today. I told him we do not bite. He responded with "dont tell me those words, I dont want to here those words - mummy"

biglips Mon 28-Jul-08 22:53:15

hiya all!

Went to the Beach tonite with my DD and the tide was in so she had a great hour in the water grin...i had to shower her to get all the sand off and wash her hair.

my mission today was (and it is so difficult to do anything in this weather!!!)

1) DD up and brekkie done
2) i had to kick my butt to get started on the Living room as was so knackered as dd woke me up at 2am last nite afer i went to sleep at 12am and i couldnt get back to sleep till 4am and woke up at 7.
3) Moved everything off the mantlepiece and dust - 10 mins done
4) sorted mags and papers done
5) Hoovered up living room/hallway and back room done
6) Emptied DW done
7) Tea in slow cooker done
8) Tidied and cleaned kitchen done*


1) Had shower and sleep done
2) Beach tonight done
3) abit of paperwork half done
4) Reloaded DW and switched on done

bythepowerofgreyskul Mon 28-Jul-08 22:53:16

<pops in to see how everyone is>

Bit pisssed.

TMH soerrt to hear you are all feeling pants

waves to everyone else..

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