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Weekend Fly

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Shannaratiger Sat 26-Jul-08 11:37:12

Thought someone had better start a thread.

lucysmam Sat 26-Jul-08 13:04:41

good afternoon shannar! hope you're enjoying the sun, i'm having a day off almost completely apart from chair and sofa covers all being out to dry as the opportunity to get them looking decent again was too good to miss.

hope all are having fab sunbathing times!!! grin xx

TheMadHouse Sat 26-Jul-08 15:34:12

We have been to the park this morning and then to the beach, but it was on the off chance and my two were in the sea with nothig on again grin

Also got me some throat spray - I am feeling rather sorry for myself actually.

DS1 is asleep in the car with all thewindows open and the roof

rowingboat Sat 26-Jul-08 17:16:29

Hi everyone!
Just got home from work with headache and actually managed a 5 minute (very much needed) room rescue in the kitchen.
Not sure what next
cup of coffee (run out of teabags)
have a think
make tea (omelet)
DP had lurgy so he's off for a lie-down.
TMH at least you have had a change of scene, hope you are feeling a bit better.
Lucysmam well done of the sofa covers, that must make quite a difference and nice smelling too. grin
You can tell it's sunny can't you. grin
Tumbleweed blows past....

EustaciaVye Sat 26-Jul-08 21:35:26

Only 4 messages! Wow.

Had a lovely day at ILs here. Took DD1 to see Wall-e which she enjoyed although with the 30 MINUTES of trailers it was a bit long for her.

House a mess and i need to work tomorrow but will do my best to sort it. Just started watching I AM LEGEND with DH and am too scared to watch the rest so going to watch recorded casualty blush

tortoise Sat 26-Jul-08 22:08:56

Where is everyone?

Need to update from whatever day i was last here!
Drs went well and i need to see a specialist to discuss options that i have. From what the Dr said, i think removing the gall bladder is the best thing. I have been ok. Still not eating to well but am trying. Lost half a stone this week!

DD2 had her 4th birthday Friday. She had a great day and they all had fun in the pool despite the cloud and rain! She is doing really well riding her new big bike.

I think i will take them all to the beach tomorrow on the train. Must make the most of the sun in case it doesn't last long! Will take some food with us to save pennies.

Hope everyone is ok. smile

tortoise Sat 26-Jul-08 22:16:23

Oh and DD1 has worms! grin Luckily had some med left over from last time so i dosed us all!

EustaciaVye Sat 26-Jul-08 22:17:00

Happy Birthday to your DD. Glad it went well at the Drs. Do you feel a bit more reassured about treatment options now?

tortoise Sat 26-Jul-08 22:17:55

A bit EV. I hope once i have seen the specialist i will feel better about it. smile

EustaciaVye Sat 26-Jul-08 22:20:00

At least you have set the ball rolling now. Well done wink

TheMadHouse Sat 26-Jul-08 23:39:30

Tort I am glad you have set hings n motion

I am feeling pants, if I am no better tomorrow, I will ring the out of hours doctors

BiancaCastafiore Sun 27-Jul-08 08:37:56

I really am a bad FLYer these days...I'm doing OK and keeping up with stuff well actually, I'm just terrible at coming on here to say hello and I miss the bantergrin Not much chance of things getting better now the kids are at home though.

Tort glad the doc went OK, hope you're feeling better soon x....Although, half a stone off is good grin Happy birthday to your dd2
TMH pants that you're feeling unwell, hope you slept well and feel better this morning. EHM sent and txt a day or two ago and was asking after you x
EV 30mins of trailersshock My ds would've lost interest by the time the film started! It's such a shame the closest cinema is a long way away, we never manage to get our act together to get there They are, however, building a new 5 screen cinema in a near-by town, due to open at the end of next year - we are already very excited!

We were going to go to the playground today to try to keep ds is practise riding his bike but the poor boy had a bad tumble on Friday (resulting in a trip to MIU with a suspected broken collarbone - all fine thankfully, but he's bruised and sore) so he's probably not going to feel brave enough to get on his bike.
It's gloriously sunny so we'll have a picnic or a BBQ instead

TheMadHouse Sun 27-Jul-08 08:59:48

Morning Bianca No sleep for me, throat feels as though someone is using a cheese grater on it, so I am letting DH have a lie in. Also I am so sweaty at night, dont know if it is the infaction or night sweats from going through the memopause due to the op.

I hope the weather is good for you and keep up the good work with DS. I am hopeless at texting will try to send one to EHM

lucysmam Sun 27-Jul-08 09:11:02

morning everyone!! did we all have a fab time in the sunshine yesterday, i'm looking forward to more of the same yesterday although cant go anywhere as mil coming to drop off new kitchen flooring and i dont know what time

tort hope you are feeling better soon, glad you set ball rolling at dr though as it doesn't sound at all pleasant!
mad sorry you're still not feeling too good

i have a shockingly boring day lined up really, oh fancies a roast even though its SO hot, and he wants to lay kitchen floor! im sorting shoppng list for friday to try out online asda shopping so i dont have to do it through week and am trying to plan a nice meal for oh's birthday pn tues but dont know what to do for him as we're very skint this payday already!

TheMadHouse Sun 27-Jul-08 11:15:10

OH - I am not allowed to be ill - rant happening. DH has woke up with a sore throat too. So I have given him it, it is viral and he has made me feel as though he has dismissed th fact that I feel grotty and havent managed o eat a thing for three days angry

rowingboat Sun 27-Jul-08 12:42:41

Oh dear TMH I do feel for you. Of course if your DH has a throat infection it is probably terminal [wink}.
Do you think it is the weather contributing to the sweats? Would a cool bath or shower help or even a cold flannel. You are bound to feel rubbish though, it has only been a few days and that was pretty major abdominal surgery - give it a bit longer. Speaking from my experience, I had abdominal surgery last year and you can lose quite a bit of blood. Can you get any family help around the house whilst you are both ill?
Big hugs to you, hope you feel a bit better tomorrow/later on. smile
Tortoise good for you seeing the doctor - that must be a relief to get some suggestions. How long do you think you would have to wait for an operation and can you get any medication to help in the meantime?
Bianca poor old ds, I hope he is feeling OK. I haven't had to go to hospital with mine yet, but I'm sure there will visits in the future. Do you have any top tips? smile
Didn't do much yesterday, apart from room rescue in the kitchen and my 15 minute declutter - only three shelves to go on the book shelf. Yay!
Today have done
hotspots 5 mins
hoover sitting room and hall 10 mins
put meat in freezer 5 mins
washing up 10 mins
washing out and onto on line 15 mins
Dressed up to shoes - LO had major tantrum about getting dressed so
dealing with tantrum 20 mins smile
dust around sitting room 10 mins
Assorted random stuff which wasn't scheduled 1 hour
Still need to do
find recipe for blackcurrants
freeze remaining black currants
plan removal of carpet and replacement with carpet tiles
walk to beach
go to dump with some stuff
return some stuff to the shop
make dins - sweet and sour pork
activate new/replacement credit card - do noow will take ages on terrible line to outer mongolia. shock
Read 2 mins of emails
read babystep 19

grouchyoscar Sun 27-Jul-08 13:51:23

Hello again, me again

DH is still poorly, sick and getting under my feet. It was his birthday yesterday so I let him off. He had a stinking hangover this morning so I got up with Ed, did a bit of DW filling, emptying, putting away waited for DH to get up, tidied up and went back to bed (after I'd made it shock

I did the week's shopping on Friday and bought myself a gorg top and 50s style sun dress in the sale. Feel guilty about it but they were too cheap to leave.

TMH Poor you. Hope the boys enjoyed the beach

Did my weekend chores yesterday so I can hide from the sun and sleep things off blush

Jas Sun 27-Jul-08 16:45:56

Afternoon allsmile

Sorry I've not read thread, but have noticed TMH is not the gp. Maybe you need different abs.

I've spent most of today trying to clean up. I'm off to my parents with the children tomorrow, so I'll be back in a week. (May pop in if I get the chance to use my dads pc during the week.

biglips Sun 27-Jul-08 18:49:31

hiya all!....i havent been on here since Friday...!! as ive been busy being with my DD and also getting her dance play ready..she did a dance show with her dance class on Friday and Saturday night which she didnt get home till 9pm....poor thing she was totally exhausted today sao she is in bed already!!

TMH - sorry to hear about you not being well...def see the docs asap.

Well whats the mission for all next week please?

biglips Sun 27-Jul-08 18:50:48

oh and i have been doing the missions too everyday. (plus weve got a full size dishwasher now - hooray!!)

biglips Sun 27-Jul-08 18:54:42

oh i remembered....its the living room - aaah good cant wait for that!!!! grin

lucysmam Sun 27-Jul-08 19:13:11

evening ladies, all still enjoying the HOT HOT HOT sunny days or are we all exhausted after running around after kids or dh's or dp's all day???

I'm quite chilled out tonight, lo all sleepy tucked up in bed and oh doesnt do hot weather very well so he's sprawled out on sofa! leaving me to chill in my huge comfy chair n watch stealth while i play on here which imo is great.

living room eh?? well, as per the rest of my tiny ikkle house its a bomb site no matter how much i try so will be good to see any improvement.

other than a rethink of my shopping list because we still have NO shock freezer ive done not a lot today, just made some shortbread which is very yummy and very nearly all gone already and am off to stew in a cool bath in a bit!

catch up tomorrow xx

Bewilderbeast Sun 27-Jul-08 21:39:43

evening all*

have you tried difflam oral spray - it's quite good for sore throats/mouth pain

grouchy and everyone else hello!


not much as too hot

dw unloaded, reloaded and on several times
wm unloaded, reloaded and on several times
bit of gardening done
shopping done
breakfast, lunch and dinner made
rubbish out
recycling out
kitchen surfaces cleaned several times
kitchen floor swept twice
washing hung out
beds stripped and sheets washed

babyjjbaby Sun 27-Jul-08 22:21:14

hi everyone hope u r all ok sorry haven't been on for a while went on holiday and been told i am a diabetic so have had that on my mind going to doctors in the morning haven't been feeling great the last few weeks i am so tired al the time will try and get back on tomorrow bye smile

bythepowerofgreyskull Mon 28-Jul-08 09:15:40


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