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do you have a GREAT bathroom cleaner you can tell me about?

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mad4mybaby Mon 21-Jul-08 19:08:44

Have used all the usual and am trying to find one that will reduce the time i spend cleaning the bathrooms. I know you can get the 'flashgaurd' ones now that apparantly means you wont get stains but found they havent worked in the kitchen. I want one that i can squirt on the bath/sinks/tiles leave for a few mins whilst doing the loo then rinse away and it actually look and smell nice. Ive used the mouse that you can supposedly do the above but not found it very good. Also what do you use to get your shower doors shining and not all streaky (im guessing its limescale) dont want a million different products though...

Twinkie1 Mon 21-Jul-08 19:11:57

Cillit bamng is excellent for limescale - you do have to wipe it over and leave for a very short period and then rinse but it is ace!

mad4mybaby Mon 21-Jul-08 19:13:57

thanks is it any good for general bathroom cleaning?

MrsJamin Mon 21-Jul-08 19:16:37

ecover limescale remover is AMAZING and is so much better than the un-co-friendly ones I've tried before, e.g. fish-killer, i.e. cillit bang. Also if you consider that your children are basically bathing in your bathroom cleaner, I would avoid cillit bang and other 'power' products like the plague. I use method tile and tub too for this reason and it's really good.

maidamess Mon 21-Jul-08 19:18:12

METHOD shower spray is amazing. The only natural product I've tried that really works. I havent scrubbed my shower once since I've been using it, and I live in a really hard water area.

mad4mybaby Mon 21-Jul-08 19:23:26

where can you get this method? IS it any good for sink and bath?

Twinkie1 Mon 21-Jul-08 19:24:16

Oooohhhh am going to get some of the method one - I have the granite polish and it is fab!

JackieNo Mon 21-Jul-08 19:27:22

For shower screens, keep a squeegee in there (you can get ones with suction cups that you just stick onto the tiles or glass) and use it on the tiles and glass every time you shower.

QueenyEisGotTheBall Mon 21-Jul-08 19:29:00

the BEST bathroom cleaner i have found is somerfields own surprisinglysmile it does everything, bath sink and toilet and limescale on the shower screen its about £1.50 and marvellous!! asda do a similar one as do sainsburys albeit slight more expensive. i have not had much luck with the branded cleaners and use this one all the time now and it smell nice and fresh!!smile
xx ei xx

maidamess Mon 21-Jul-08 19:29:05

Method is in Tesco's and Waitrose, and they do a bath cleaner too i think. If its anything like the shower one, I'd get it!

pgwithnumber3 Mon 21-Jul-08 19:40:25

JackieNo, I do that with a squeegee but I don't know anyone else who does as well! I have a shower screen like this and if I didn't do it every time we used the shower it would look scummy. I even make DH and DD1 do it as well! By the way, where do you buy one with the suction cup?

Re: bathroom cleaners, I use Mr Muscle or Flash - not particularly eco-friendly I know but I will definitely pick up the Method one when I am in Tesco next.

mad4mybaby Mon 21-Jul-08 19:45:19

i wanted to try the squeegee thing but there is noooooo way in this world id get dh doing it and being pg and a 2 yr old do not have time running after him with one. Have tried the spray you use after each shower and found it pants plus dh wont even do that!

pgwithnumber3 Mon 21-Jul-08 19:48:25

DH is very houseproud so he does it without being asked! If he will do it it saves you hours of scrubbing your shower, I have only had to clean mine about 3 times in 7 months as there is no limescale scum left on it. (obviously clean the shower tray every week!)

candyfluff Mon 21-Jul-08 19:56:07

im bigging up the cilit bang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

herbietea Mon 21-Jul-08 19:58:56

Message withdrawn

Aefondkiss Mon 21-Jul-08 20:04:08

I am impressed with the ecover that mrsjamin posted about, I am not a fan of all ecover stuff but it is fab, no scrubbing, just scoosh and leave then rinse.

JackieNo Mon 21-Jul-08 20:28:09

pgwithnumber3 - Amazon and John Lewis for shower squeegees - but I think we got ours from somewhere like Homebase.

And you're all right - it's only becuase we have the luxury of an en suite, and DH mostly uses that one, and I'm the one who usually uses the main bathroom one that it works. He wouldn't use the squeegee or a spray eithersad. And as a result the en suite shower is dire.

spudmasher Mon 21-Jul-08 20:33:50

Mine is called Simone.
Couldn't resist.
Please don't shout.
Just ignore.

islandofsodor Mon 21-Jul-08 20:38:42

I use window cleaner for absolutely everything. It cleans everything brilliantly.

bogie Mon 21-Jul-08 20:40:49

one called limelite that I use when I have my cleaning job is fantastic better than any I have used before its in a bright green bottle

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