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HELP!......I need to clean my showerdoor!

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rinol Sun 13-Jul-08 03:42:25

My showerdoor is covered in hardwater stains;edges are rusted and there are mould stains!How do i get it as good as new....aupair arrives on thurs!...

alipiggie Sun 13-Jul-08 03:47:27

Cillit Bam is brilliant. Then get some Mildew remover from the DIY Shop. As for rust, try Cola.

UnderRated Sun 13-Jul-08 04:07:18

Vinegar will make it nice and shiny with no streak marks. But it'll smell like a chip shop.

pickledparsnips Sun 13-Jul-08 07:39:16

once you've cleaned your shower, use a spray car wax on glass and tiles and it stays shiney and new looking for ages and stops build up of limescale!!! (Posh hotels do this)

Simply Sun 13-Jul-08 07:58:23

I used Bathroom Blitzer (I think it's called) from Lakeland and a new thing I bought the other day in the supermarket called Grot Buster or somesuch which is a bleach. I know bleach isn't environmentally friendly but I used the bare minimum and have gone from thinking "This shower is 12 years old and looking horrible" to "Oh, this'll do us fine for a few years yet" which can't be bad! I read a good tip on MN recently which was to use kitchen towel as a soaking pad along the surface you want to clean with bleach (if it is horizontal) and soak it with the bleach. The contact is good and you can take it away easily. Not if your teenage son showers in there first not noticing it, I have to say, and half of it disintigrates and part goes down the plughole! Sigh. smile Oh, and ventilate the room well and rinse well before using the next time. The plumber said to always dry the shower after use with an old towel to keep it looking good. Sorry for the essay! Hth.

rinol Sun 13-Jul-08 08:36:06

thanx everyone...will try cleaning today!

blossomsmine Sun 13-Jul-08 20:15:04

I usually use viakal it is really good. At the moment though, Tesco have Grot buster on special offer, £1 and that is brilliant.

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