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bedside cabinets/cupboards/storage ideas please

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youcantlabelme Sat 12-Jul-08 12:47:50

our bedroom-last room in house to get done. white gloss full length wardrobes, massive bed, lovely carpets, bilnds, curtains etc etc.

oops, the bedside cabinets don't fit- in my excitement i didn't realise i only have 40cm either side.

is there anywhere that might do narrow bedside cabinets/ cupboards?

do they have to match the wardrobes, as i wouldn't even mind a quirky type of option- as long as i have room for a book, phone and poss a small lamp.

any ideas or suggestions would be welcomed, thanks.

jackdaggerette Sat 12-Jul-08 17:15:30

Not sure if it's the kind of thing you're after but I know Ikea do some 40cm ones - including some white one if you do want to match the wardrobes -, or

They also have lots of other 40cm and under 40cm options if that helps.

llareggub Sat 12-Jul-08 17:18:36

What about a shelf above the bed?

Amphibimum Sat 12-Jul-08 17:19:09

you could move the bed forward a few inches and put a full length shelf behind, have room for books, lamps, knick knacks, whatever you like, then.
or smaller shelves on either side to look more like bedside cabinets.

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