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please help me find a cleaner!!

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memoo Fri 11-Jul-08 20:34:28

In september I'm going to be working full time and i've decided i need a cleaner.

I've never had one before an dhave no idea where to start! so a million questions.

- what is the usual rate?
- what can i expect them to do?
- how many hours a week? If i had one for
two hours once a week what could i expect
them to do in that time
- How do you get over the feeling of not
wanting a stranger in your house (or is
that just me)
- How do i find one!!!!!!!

By the way I'm in warrington, cheshire

please help me o' knowledgable mumsnetters!!

blossomsmine Fri 11-Jul-08 22:31:14

I think you really need to write a list of what you actually want to be done by the cleaner, then maybe talk that through with any prospective cleaner. You really need to get over that feeling of a stranger in your house, i clean and have the keys and alarm details for many peoples houses, some i had never met before. I am not the least bit interested in what these people have in their houses or what they look like inside i am just there to do a job, if you get a good cleaner you will find you rely on her/him for other things, mine calls every now and again to get me to check she has switched the iron off, pick up packages etc.,!
You can expect a general clean of the whole house (normal 3bed) in two hours, but i wouldn't add ironing/washing/dishwasher/washing up in that time, it would take me the full two hours to do the actual cleaning. Oh and try to make sure the place is relatively tidy and clutter free that is always the way to get a better clean. Make sure you ask for top dusting and skirting boards in each clean aswell.
Wish i lived in Cheshire, i could do with an extra jobsmile As for money.....i am expensive! I take my own cleaning equipment and hoover, bucket etc., and wouldn't clean for less than £10 an hour. Good luck!

iheartdusty Fri 11-Jul-08 22:47:59

I would have thought 2 hours very short for a 3 bed house - blossoms is obviously a speedy super cleaner! only possible I would have thought if place was immaculately tidy with only 1 bathroom, ie no ensuite or anything.

Normal I think is hoover everywhere, wash hard floors, wipe all surfaces & clean basin & bath, pour stuff down loo, polish mirrors, wipe banisters, skirting boards and door frames etc, plump cushions. It may be very annoying for cleaner to arrive and find washing up to do unless negotiated. Extra things would be make beds, change sheets, do ironing, clean out cupboards, dust lightbulbs, clean inside windows, take ou rugs & beat, clean blinds.

the going rate here (south coast) is £6-9 ph according to experience; substantially more through an agency (because of course the former rate is a potentially illegal untaxed cash transaction!).

Find one via post-office/ newsagents window, wherever there are little cards on a noticeboard.

beware of students - I won't have anyone who has never looked after their own home before.

WilfSell Fri 11-Jul-08 22:49:05

well, if you can move to North Staffordshire, mine is looking for a few more hours! grin

sandy4 Fri 11-Jul-08 22:55:26

We paid ours £10 an hour, she came in once a week for 4 or 5 hours & did the ironing, but not the bedrooms. I always used to go out & leave her to it.

MsPontipine Fri 11-Jul-08 23:13:20

"pour stuff down loo" ??????

iheartdusty Fri 11-Jul-08 23:24:54

bleach not your perfume!

smaher Thu 14-Sep-17 02:39:01

Does anyone know of a good cleaner in the Islington/Kings X/Camden area?? trying to find a nice reliable person. Thanks.

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