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HELP!! Dirty wedding dress, cant afford dry clean Help[grin]

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ppie Fri 11-Jul-08 15:17:47

Any help appreciated. got my dream dress on ebayblush. Wedding in october is a small budget so not much spare dosh. My dress is a lovely Pierce II Fionda one for £40grin but they want £80 for the dry cleanhmm. Inknow it should really be dry cleaned but if anybody knows how to remove a tiny few foundation( i Think) marks from a 100% polyester frock I will be greatly appreciative. Thanks in advancesmile

MrsBadger Fri 11-Jul-08 15:22:32

take it to a different dry cleaner and tell them it's an evening dress not a wedding one

if it's plain satin it shouldn't be more than £20 - lace or beading will bump the price up though

DelGirl Fri 11-Jul-08 15:32:33

I might be mad but could you do on a coolish delicate wash? Put it in a pillow case maybe?

DelGirl Fri 11-Jul-08 15:33:08

have you got a pic/link?

ppie Fri 11-Jul-08 15:33:23

I Think Ill try the pillow case. No mistaking it for an evening dress!!!Thnaks

StealthPolarBear Fri 11-Jul-08 15:34:10

I washed mine in the machine on a 'hand wash cycle' (30 ir 40 deg)
Think I got it out before any spin and hung it over the bath
It had no embroidery or sequin thingies, but was layered. Took 3 goes to get it clean but it was fine and came out really well!

ppie Fri 11-Jul-08 15:34:24

Cant transfer the [picture. Its plain skirt and the bodice has some beadwork on it. It all seem secure egnough.

DelGirl Fri 11-Jul-08 15:36:35

good luck smile

tootiredtothink Fri 11-Jul-08 16:39:49

Some good advice on washing dry clean only on this thread

FluffyMummy123 Fri 11-Jul-08 16:45:37

Message withdrawn

FluffyMummy123 Fri 11-Jul-08 16:45:50

Message withdrawn

cmotdibbler Fri 11-Jul-08 16:46:28

Before you try washing it, try a makeup remover wipe on the marks - it usually works wonders - baby wipes are good too.

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

FluffyMummy123 Fri 11-Jul-08 16:47:57

Message withdrawn

MaryBS Fri 11-Jul-08 16:48:17

I would do it in the washing machine, on a cool wash inside a pillowcase

JRocks Fri 11-Jul-08 17:51:49

My friend's dress was done in the washing machine in a pillowcase, no problem. It was heavily beaded too.

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