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Am sorting through baby clothes from newborn to 2years, whats the best way of storing the 6month + stuff?

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misdee Thu 10-Jul-08 17:26:38

i want to keep it all sorted and in age order.

should i scavage from cardboard boxes from the shops and sort them into those and then put them in the loft. i want to keep them smelling a bit fresher than they currently do (were just in black bags in the loft) whats the best way of doing this?

have so much stuff!

misdee Thu 10-Jul-08 18:29:49

does anyone have any other ideas?

bythepowerofgreyskull Thu 10-Jul-08 18:31:20

we have those sucky bag things from lakeland
bag of each age range.

bythepowerofgreyskull Thu 10-Jul-08 18:32:24


Sidge Thu 10-Jul-08 18:33:08

I store my girls clothes in those vacuum bags - I have one for 0-6 mths, one for 6-12 mths, 1-2 yrs etc. They keep the clothes fairly fresh but they do get creased as they are vacuum packed, but I wash and iron them when I get them out anyway.

You can get them from Argos.

lou031205 Thu 10-Jul-08 18:33:49

I bulk buy our nappies & the boxes come in very handy!!

Califrau Thu 10-Jul-08 18:35:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

misdee Thu 10-Jul-08 18:41:11

lol@ wasps stinging for s[port.

those vac-packs look good, am wondering if i should get some to store our summer/winter duvets as well.

now where is my bnak card....?

are the lakeland ones better than the argos ones? are they thicker/tougher?

toddlerhip Thu 10-Jul-08 18:54:30

I tried the vacpacs but they kept losing their vac. Worth trying for things like duvets tho.

Buy clear 64L Really Useful Boxes with lids for clothes / anything you don't want to get dusty in the loft. (Check the dimensions will fit your loft entrance). Unimprovable.

misdee Thu 10-Jul-08 19:07:01

dh just gave me his bank card to order the ones from lakeland. and a bananaguard for dd2 as her banana ends up pureed by breaktime hmm

bozza Thu 10-Jul-08 19:09:36

Like lou mine are all stored in nappy boxes. I am gradually giving stuff away but still have about 12 boxes full of boys/girls stuff. The nappy boxes are old - DD has been fully out of nappies for two years.

misdee Thu 10-Jul-08 19:13:06

i dont buy disposable nappies.

all of my current dd's are out of nappies, and next one will be in washables.

bythepowerofgreyskull Thu 10-Jul-08 19:57:29

we have had both argos and lakeland ones, had occasional leaks with both but now tend to buy the lakeland ones.. can't remember why!

bozza Fri 11-Jul-08 21:44:13

Yes see that might be a drawback. grin I jsut like the boxes because they are a reasonable size and stack nicely. They have been reused many times as I have gradually worked through the boy clothes and now the girl clothes. I waited until DD was born when DS was 3 before I gave away the boy clothes. By which time both my sister and my SIL were pg - so waited until the babies (boys) were born and started giving them the clothes one size at a time. Then they both had babies again so I held onto DD's clothes but they were both boys, so I just give DD's to various people.

OurHamsterisevil Sat 12-Jul-08 13:24:35

I have some of the vacuum bags from QVC. YOu can order them from their website. THey do massive ones that you can fit a king size duvet in. I love them

SqueakyPop Sat 12-Jul-08 13:26:23

We put them into suitcases and stuck them in the attic. The clothes did not suffer any deterioration.

cafebistro Sat 12-Jul-08 13:29:02

Mine are all just stored in black bin liners in the loft!blush
I would wash and iron them again anyway before using them or giving them away.

FabioTheLiterateCat Sat 12-Jul-08 13:30:03

If you get the vac bags, put a big sheet of paper in there saying 6 - 12 MONTHS etc so you know what's in there. Once vacced and squished together, you can't tell what's for a newborn and what's for a 3 year old, and it's a reet bugger vaccing it all up again.

I have Argos ones - so far they have not exploded, but then they have not been used for target practice by wasps yet. Imagine the first wasp - one sting and POP!, out shoots the stingy little bastard like a champagne cork.

wotulookinat Sat 12-Jul-08 13:34:30

Vac bags are probably best, but if you are going to use boxes, use cardboard and not plastic. Just a teeny little bit of damp in the plastic box will make the whole lot go moudly over time.

MrsTiddles Sat 12-Jul-08 17:46:29

I wash and dry before storing - tie in bundles with string and put in bags marked by age group. Normal supermarket bags so you can grab the right age ranges without having to trawl through a big bin liner.

misdee Sun 13-Jul-08 11:27:26


i have extended now into putting my non-materbity stuff away, ready to be put in the loft, and all the outgrown clothes of dd2 for dd3 who wont fit in them till next winter, and from dd3 which wont fit the baby for 2+ years.

so need to see how much these vac-pacs hold and see what boxes i can scavange from shops.

Fizzylemonade Tue 15-Jul-08 17:49:33

I have those stackable plastic crates with the interlocking lids. I label them on all sides and stack them into the loft.

My advice is to store shoes/hats/gloves separately than the clothing in case you have babies in different seasons or different sized babies (like me, one wee one one larger one)

Also I stuff the folded pyjama top into the corresponding leg as several years on you can never remember if it is a top or part of a set of pyjamas.

I recently donated lots of baby clothes to a hostel and they couldn't believe how organised it all was blush

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