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Fish smell driving me mad.... how to get rid?!

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hairymcleary Tue 08-Jul-08 03:39:44

About ten days ago, I made a fish pie and I am convinced that the fish smell is still lingering in my kitchen!
I have wiped all the bench-tops, wiped the cupboards down, cleaned the range hood and stove top, bought a bloody expensive 'odour eating' scented candle, got a dish of baking soda out to soak up the smell and it still hasn't bloody gone anywhere!!
I am pregnant at the moment, so probably a bit hyper-sensitive to smell, however a friend came over yesterday and she said she could smell a slight fishy smell.
Can anyone please help, or do I have to move house?!!

UnderRated Tue 08-Jul-08 04:47:42

When I was pg I could smell cabbages in my apartment. And we never had cabbages. I began hunting for a new flat because it was so disgusting. Then I found out I was 10 weeks pg and within a week the cabbage smell disappeared. grin

I am sure that within a few weeks your fishy smell will have disappeared (if it hasn't already). I would have thought baking soda and good cleaning, like you have already done, would be sufficient.


PrettyCandles Tue 08-Jul-08 06:41:55

Try leaving a saucer-full of vinegar in the room overnight (doors and windows closed). This works amazingly on the lingering smell of vomit.

ANTagony Tue 08-Jul-08 06:43:15

If you can stand the smell of onions an onion cut in half is good at absorbing smell and might mask - works well in the fridge.

Have you emptied the bins and rinsed it out because sometimes the fish oil/ cooking juices leaks out the bin bag and can leave a smelly residue. Also might be worth replacing/ laundering your dish cloths and tea towels.

I had problems with the smell of fresh bread in pregnancy - made supermarket shopping almost impossible for the first four months.

Good luck

windygalestoday Tue 08-Jul-08 07:23:24

is there any chance that one of your plug sockets is the bakelite type??

i lived in a v old grade 2 listed cottage and the fishy smell haunted me, my dear fil a retired electrician visited immediately sniffed the air and began inpecting sockets and sure enough one was overloaded thru continual use and heat and had scorched.....we had to replace all the more used sockets pronto.

hairymcleary Thu 10-Jul-08 01:22:58

Thanks for the suggestions... definately no bakelite plug sockets here, I live in a brand new flat.
I have half an onion in the fridge, so I'll get that out on the bench.
Also had probs with yukky smells in first pregnancy... fortunately, I now have a cold, so I can't smell anything!!

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