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Food stains

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janx Mon 07-Jul-08 19:06:39

my dd is a pretty messy eater and lots of her clothes just get wrecked with food stains - what do you use to get stains like tomato, banana, strawberries out?

PestoMonster Mon 07-Jul-08 19:07:14

Vanish Oxy Action in every wash.

Friendlypizzaeater Mon 07-Jul-08 19:07:39

I leave them on the line in the sun for a few days and it magically bleaches them !

janx Mon 07-Jul-08 22:17:30

Thanks pestomonster - do you do a 40 degree wash with it ...some of the stains are quite old

The sun - really?

Friendlypizzaeater Tue 08-Jul-08 22:21:38

Yes really - I thought they were taking the piss when my friend told me to - I was amazed, all that money I'd spent over the years on Oxy Actions, Stain Devils etc

Washersaurus Tue 08-Jul-08 22:22:40

The sun is amazing - gets out the poo stains from the nappies too.

MakemineaGandT Tue 08-Jul-08 22:23:00

I always go through the washing and put a bit of wash liquid directly on each stain - seems to work

Washersaurus Tue 08-Jul-08 22:23:24

Make sure you rinse fresh food stains with cold water too, as hot water sets the stain.

MakemineaGandT Tue 08-Jul-08 22:23:56

oh, and I make DS wear a bib to eat in even though he's 3.5 (best way to deal with food stains is try to avoid them in the first place....).

Washersaurus Tue 08-Jul-08 22:26:24

OMG surely that is cruel? grin

What about stripping 'em naked to eat?

MakemineaGandT Tue 08-Jul-08 22:27:49

Now there's an idea washersaurus. Maybe I could strip 'em naked and serve them meals in the paddling pool, then simply hose them down afterwards?! grin

Washersaurus Tue 08-Jul-08 22:28:35

Seriously, I'd stop feeding them if they make that much mess

onepieceoflollipop Tue 08-Jul-08 22:29:58

The sun definitely. Do NOT tumble dry or iron the stains. (iron around them if you really need to iron the garment)

If I am not doing a wash that day, but have a few stained things, I either put them in a pre wash with bio powder (and leave until next day) or soak in a bowl with a 40 deg bio solution. Soak/pre-wash as soon as possible after the stain has happened.

Sometimes you think things are ruined, but after a few more washes it will fade a lot and often disappear.

We stopped bibs after about 2 1/2, but dd asks for a "tissue bib" i.e. paper napkin tucked into her neck when eating pasta etc.

Flum Tue 08-Jul-08 22:30:50

Yep, I'm in the leave them out on the washing line until they have gone brigade. Its the greatest stain remover in the world and saves sore knuckles from Vanish scrubbing.

Works on all food I think. Not sure about banana

Doesn't work on grass stains though

onepieceoflollipop Tue 08-Jul-08 22:30:57

Banana imo is impossible. Bleach is the only solution I have found (obviously only for white clothing and flannels!)

Washersaurus Tue 08-Jul-08 22:33:28

I don't seem to have as much of a problem with banana stains since I started rinsing with cold water immediately.

12345678910 Wed 09-Jul-08 16:45:33

i would use one of those play aprons to put round them nothing cruel about it safes fortunes lol

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