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Maybe TMI - There is a "number 2" in my loo and it won't go!!

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chloemegjess Tue 01-Jul-08 09:40:07

Sorry for the not very pleasent thread! There has been a poo in my toilet for a few days now (although nobody will admit to doing it!!). It has been flushed loads but is still there! I have somebody coming round late afternoon and don't want it still there!!

ChippyMinton Tue 01-Jul-08 09:41:15

fill a bucket with water and pour it down the loo whilst flushing.
shock at 'a few days'!!

BecauseImWorthIt Tue 01-Jul-08 09:45:07

Try loads of bleach, leave it for half an hour and then try again.

If that doesn't work, and the bucket of water doesn't work, go and get a stick from the garden and break it up with that.

Then dispose of the stick very carefully!

kiltycoldbum Tue 01-Jul-08 09:46:14

yes a bucket of water while flushing normally does the trick then bleach then fragrance the room, omg to a few days lol

chloemegjess Tue 01-Jul-08 10:09:45

Lol, I know its gross that its been there for a few days, I have been putting bleach down at night and leaving it overnight but no luck. I have been hoping it would just go eventually but it wont!!! I have just broken it up with a stick (gross) and poored bleach down, but thats the rest of my bleach gone!! So hope there is nothing when I next need to flush! I have loo cleaner though, but never works as good as .

singyswife Tue 01-Jul-08 10:11:03

Boiling water works too. loll at a few days though.

littlelapin Tue 01-Jul-08 10:11:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WingsofaAngel Tue 01-Jul-08 10:15:06

"broken it up with a stick" yak yak

Fill bowl/ bucket with water add whilst toilet is flushing.

Bramshott Tue 01-Jul-08 10:26:33

Boiling water, poured from a great height.

mellyonion Tue 01-Jul-08 10:27:14

has it gone yet????

this has really made me laugh!!!! grin

chloemegjess Tue 01-Jul-08 10:33:46

Not sure as I have put all the beach down there and will leave it until I next need to go, as I have no more bleach left!

BTW I had also tried a kettly of boiliing water, no luck!

Do you all think I am gross now? blush

MadamAnt Tue 01-Jul-08 10:35:32

Is it wedged or floating? If it's wedged, get some Marigold's on and poke it through with your hand.

Utterly grim, but marginally less awful than a visitor staring in horror at the poo.

mellyonion Tue 01-Jul-08 10:36:33

good must be some MASSSSSIVE poo!!!!! any inkling as to who it belongs to?

chloemegjess Tue 01-Jul-08 10:41:41

I had some people over in the evening, and then noticed it was there in the morning, and neither me or DH had used the loo, or he wont admit to it anyway!! It was stuck on the bottom

And no way am I poking it with my figers!!! Gloves or no gloves!

Psychomum5 Tue 01-Jul-08 11:02:40


me n flame both wondering how it could stay around for e few are obviously far to hospitablewink

louii Tue 01-Jul-08 11:04:38

Just get a toilet brush and move it about a bit, then put lots of loo roll down and flush away.

2sugars Tue 01-Jul-08 11:07:03

Loads of loo roll then flush?

bran Tue 01-Jul-08 11:07:36

LOL, this makes me think of an episode of Coupleing where one character describes another character's stalkerish ex-girlfriend as "an unflushable". grin

BettySpaghetti Tue 01-Jul-08 11:10:29

What you have down your toilet is known in the trade as a "plumbers bonus" smile

MaryAnnSingleton Tue 01-Jul-08 11:25:08

my cousin once did an enormous poo in someone's loo and went to flush it and found the water had been turned off - yak grin

Hassled Tue 01-Jul-08 11:31:23

I can't quite believe I'm revealing this but I have in the past (in similar circumstances)sawed a poo in half with one of the old gammy knives that lurk at the back of the cutlery drawer. That did the job (as it were). I promise I then binned the knife .

FairyMum Tue 01-Jul-08 11:34:23

This is what coathangers are for. You need to mash it up if too big to flush.

Gumbo Tue 01-Jul-08 11:36:16

A few days? shock

Are you sure this should be posted under 'Good' Housekeeping? hmm

MaryAnnSingleton, my dad once did a very similar thing.

We had arrived at a rented holiday home in France late at night, and just piled into bed.

In the morning, my dad went to the bathroom downstairs for his 'morning constitutional'. When he came to flush, nothing happened. He jiggled the lever a bit, lifted up the lid, no water. hmm

Then he noticed that the loo wasn't even plumbed in at the back!

In the end he carried the whole loo outside, to the end of the garden and tried tipping it out. No luck, cos it just got stuck on the rim.

Eventually he had to extract his poo with the aid of sticks and leaves!

This story has entered the family annals as one of the funniest things ever to have happened on holiday.

To OP, get an old knife or spoon, put the marigolds on, hold your nose and don't look, just stab and saw. Good luck grin

chloemegjess Tue 01-Jul-08 11:44:31

gumbo - the rest of the house is spotless. It has only been there for that long as nothing seemed to shift it. Its not like I left in there on purpose. I had tried boiling water, used a whole bottle of bleach, loo cleaner, sticks!!!! lol. And where else should I have posted??

It has now gone, hopefully for good!

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