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Can you mix and match leather sofa/chairs

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staryeyed Tue 24-Jun-08 14:23:32

Ive just bought a 3 seater dark brown sofa but could not afford to stretch to a matching chair. We may be able to afford it in future but for now it will have to wait. If we can not get hold of the matching chair I have thought about either trying to match it with a similar style which might me difficult or ignoring the style and matching the colour but Im worried that will look odd. DOes anyone have any suggestions?

hunkermunker Tue 24-Jun-08 14:25:24

Get a couple of Poangs from Ikea.

mindalina Tue 24-Jun-08 14:26:22

It could work if the colours match. Years ago my mum bought a green leather sofa but it was a display model and the last one or something like that, so there wasn't a matching chair. There was a chair in the same colour but a slightly different style so she bought that, and no-one ever noticed.

She had that sofa and chair 10 years before giving them to my DP when he moved out of his mum's - no-one noticed while he had it either!

As long as they are same colour and similar style I think it would be fine.

jumpingbeans Tue 24-Jun-08 14:30:53

I like different chairs and sofa's, with a 3 seater leather in brown, i have a couple cream winged chairs and a floral two seater, sounds a bit mish mash but looks great, well i think so, tie it all together with cushions ect

TheFallenMadonna Tue 24-Jun-08 14:32:29

I'm not keen on matching furniture TBH. Complementary, but not matching smile

mindalina Tue 24-Jun-08 15:03:27

Hunker I have just googled "Poang" shock

Are you serious?

hunkermunker Tue 24-Jun-08 15:05:14

Haha - yep. Sit on one - dead comfy. And look better than the pics on Google image search.

CountessDracula Tue 24-Jun-08 15:05:51

what TFM said
I hate matching furniture

CatIsSleepy Tue 24-Jun-08 15:07:39

ah why not
get something different
we have a red sofa and a brown leather armchair

beansmum Tue 24-Jun-08 15:08:23

Matching furniture is weird. It makes me feel very uncomfortable for some reason. I have a dark brown leather sofa, a dark orange/terracotta armchair, and a big footstool thing with a brown and orange floral pattern. The footstool is older than my mum and doesn't really go with anything else but I think it looks pretty good.

LavendersBlueDillyDilly Tue 24-Jun-08 15:08:43

It is esstenial NOT to mix and matchwink.

Seriously, much better to have not matching, choose a chair that's completly different, eg fabric with a pattern.

Big blousy florals are very in.

or stripes, Ilove stripes.

Or checks, I love checks.

or sometjing with texture, although I find food just acumulates in my 'texture'.

mindalina Tue 24-Jun-08 15:08:56

I'll have to take your word for it hmmwink

LavendersBlueDillyDilly Tue 24-Jun-08 15:09:33

Sorry sorry, essentual TO mix and match.

staryeyed Tue 24-Jun-08 16:47:04

So if I do this contrasting styles thing do I chose something that is similar in shape or something different ie quite a big squarish sofa with a small round chair iyswim?

Can someone link me to some chairs that might work with a dark brown leather sofa (I dont like floral designs).

EffiePerine Tue 24-Jun-08 16:54:47

Why not? I hate furniture 'suites'

EffiePerine Tue 24-Jun-08 16:55:24

Oh and I'd go for the most comfortable chair you can afford grin

OverYOURDeadBody Tue 24-Jun-08 16:58:45

furniture suites are a massive no no for me, ditto any matching furniture <shudder>.

Mix and match is so much nicer.

OverYOURDeadBody Tue 24-Jun-08 17:00:09

I've found almost anytinh works together really. Hmm, I don't know actually, I bet lots of things would match. I've never had to buy furniture, it's all inherited, so I'm envy, it sounds fun.

Walnutshell Tue 24-Jun-08 17:03:23

If you've inherited your furniture, doesn't that make you terribly posh? grin

staryeyed - does it have to be another leather item? I think fabric would be much more effective.

OverYOURDeadBody Tue 24-Jun-08 17:05:29

no walnutshell, it just makes my ancestors terribly posh!grin

Walnutshell Tue 24-Jun-08 17:12:13

well that's a bloody good start, overYOUR (scary name change btw), I'm more likely to inherit that Poang chair from IKEA.

OverYOURDeadBody Tue 24-Jun-08 18:06:28

It's my Gladiator name grin It's meant to be scary!

Walnutshell Tue 24-Jun-08 18:48:36

cool. not much you can do with a walnutshell to gladiate it up. smile

frodo123 Thu 26-May-16 20:47:33

Can you have a brown sofa and a navy blue sofa in leather in same room or will it look odd?

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