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How do you stop cotton sheets going bobbly?

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LuckyStrike Thu 19-Jun-08 14:33:32

Why do they go bobbly after a few washes? They are washed at 60, then either tumble dried or line dried.

Am I not buying high enough quality cotton?

MrsBadger Thu 19-Jun-08 14:34:50

buy more expensive ones

I quite like bobbly cotton though, it's cosy

why are you washing at 60 though?

LuckyStrike Thu 19-Jun-08 14:39:59

Washing at 60 cos DH gets all sweaty and yuk at nights and when washed at 40 the sheets still havea patina of his sweaty outprint on them [gross emoticon]

How expensive do you need to go to get unbobbly sheets? I usually spend about £60 on them. DH will have a fit if I start spending more. (Though I could blame him and his sweatiness)

jura Thu 19-Jun-08 14:40:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

twelveyeargap Thu 19-Jun-08 14:45:50

I use John Lewis Fine Egyptian cotton sheets. £34 for a fitted king size sheet. Have two, which have been rotated each week for a couple of years now and not a bobble in sight.

We had white Egyptian cotton duvet covers from Habitat which never saw a bobble in 5 years. Only got rid of them when they literally fell apart when I took them out of the tumble dryer. Again, had two which were rotated weekly, though the sheets we bought at the same time didn't last as long as the covers.

Washed at 40 most weeks, though do an occasional 60 with lots of Vanish powder to brighten them.

twelveyeargap Thu 19-Jun-08 14:46:23

Oh and I never ironed them...

LuckyStrike Thu 19-Jun-08 14:56:25

I will check out John Lewis then.

I have ironed sheets in the past - not sure what is being done now as DH runs the house (supported by a housekeeper). I suspect that sheets are one thing he has told her not to iron.

twelveyeargap Thu 19-Jun-08 19:42:44

When I didn't have that kind of money to spend on sheets, I found polycotton sheets that were called "percale" didn't bobble, but the non-percale ones did. Just as an aside...

bumbling Thu 19-Jun-08 19:45:32

My mum swears by WEgyptian cotton from JL. Going to her house is like staying in a hotel, Bright clean, ironed and not a bobble in sight. She's had some for Yeeeeeears so expensive but good investment. If she gets a tear in a double she saves it till she gets nother one and joins two halves together or makes a single!

pgwithnumber3 Thu 19-Jun-08 19:48:32

Do you wash them with towels ever? That can make them bobbly.

LuckyStrike Fri 20-Jun-08 21:53:18

Yes, we do sometimes wash them with towels - maybe that is the problem.

moocowme Sat 21-Jun-08 21:11:13

are they pure cotton? pure cotton should never bobble. if they do i would suspect they have polyester in them.

i have had pure cotton sheets for years and never a bobble in sight.

samb1 Mon 20-May-13 18:02:09

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

Pumpkinette Wed 22-May-13 12:19:18

Interesting topic, I will be watching this with interest. I have a verity of sheets and some have bobbled but others haven't. Generally the ones that bobbled are the mid price range ones. I have cheap primark ones I bought many, many years ago when I was first starting out and they have held up well with no bobbles, I have lovely expensive Egyptian cotton ones I received as a wedding gift and they are also fine. The mid range ones from John Lewis and M&S have bobbles. I'm wondering if its to do with washing them with towels now. Could soft water / hard water also have an effect on bobbling I wonder?

blue2 Wed 22-May-13 19:07:47

I was told that you should wash new sheets before using them, and as a result, you don't get bobbles forming. I think they coat the cotton in something.

(I'm usually so excited to have new bedlinen that I put it on straight away!)

I've since got rid of all the polycotton sheets and only use the Egypian cotton ones = no bobbling

ihatethecold Thu 23-May-13 13:19:39

What the heck did samb1 write that would be deleted on a thread like this?

The mind boggles!!

Pumpkinette Sat 25-May-13 19:56:11

ihatethecold - I think it may have been an advertising breach perhaps? I just noticed the original post is 5 years old and then samb1 posted. I feel a bit silly for replying to such an old post now.

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