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Help help with big single fitted sheets.

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Love2bake Fri 06-Jun-08 10:04:42

I have just got the DS's a lovely new mattress each from Ikea, but they are quite deep.

Therefore I need to get some new fitted sheets, but need big roomy ones to fit.

Any ideas where I could get them from. Preferably I would like them in a brushed cotton.

MrsBadger Fri 06-Jun-08 10:06:31

the jersey ones from Mothercare are good

sasquatch Fri 06-Jun-08 10:09:11

I have a couple of jersey fitted singles that seem quite roomy on ds's bed, got from Tchibo. They do online and are really easy about returns, Oh I just realised they stock different stuff every week, not very helpful sorry.
But dont ikea do sheets to fit their mattress?

Tutter Fri 06-Jun-08 10:09:57

i got ds1 some from feather and black (sale on i think) and they fit his (very deep) mattress perfectly

Love2bake Fri 06-Jun-08 10:21:52

Just looked at the F & B website - lovely things - thanks.

My MIL works in Tchibo, so will give her a call about the sheets.

I am going into Brighton tomorrow, so will have a look in Mothercare too.

Bedding and curtains are my nightmare.......

Tutter Fri 06-Jun-08 10:23:29

yes, am about to Go Mad ordering a whole new bedroom furniture set from them

silverfrog Fri 06-Jun-08 10:24:58

dd1 has a huge single bed, with very deep mattress. We got her sheets from John Lewis, and they fit ok.

Love2bake Fri 06-Jun-08 10:28:11

Tutter - Have you ever looked at the Verbaudet website - they have lovely children's bed room furniture.

Tutter Fri 06-Jun-08 10:29:15

am ordering for mememeeee grin

Love2bake Fri 06-Jun-08 10:30:08

oh ok - lucky you wink

Jacko100 Mon 05-Sep-11 17:14:27

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

gramercy Mon 05-Sep-11 17:16:40

I have just bought some extra-deep fitted sheets from John Lewis.

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