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Shoes: How do you store yours?

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DrNortherner Tue 03-Jun-08 16:48:22

Don't give me that 'in clear plastic boxes with a photo of each one on teh lid' bollocks.

I mean gym shoes/football boots/wellies/timberlands etc etc.

My lovley storage system in my understairs cupboard has collapsed as dh was clearing it to make way for his racer hmm


LittleMyDancing Tue 03-Jun-08 16:51:37

Two underbed drawers in our bedroom for ones we don't use often

--on the-- untidy pile around the shoe rack in the hall for everyday ones


ChippyMinton Tue 03-Jun-08 16:53:06

Get thee to ikea
this in the hall

antonius trolley with metal baskets by the back door

ConnorTraceptive Tue 03-Jun-08 16:53:41

Everyday shoes on rack understairs everyhting else in wardrobes (in original box's - no photo's though)

sarah293 Tue 03-Jun-08 16:53:58

Message withdrawn

Califrau Tue 03-Jun-08 17:10:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SpacePuppy Tue 03-Jun-08 17:15:24

in living room, kitchen floor, bathroom floor, some in the wardrobe (I think). I'm so bad, I only move them out of my way when I'm vacuuming.

Anna8888 Tue 03-Jun-08 17:16:51

On shoe racks from Ikea that are stored inside our (numerous) built-in wardrobes.

NotABanana Tue 03-Jun-08 17:17:14

I have C for some shoes and the ones that don't fit og on the floor of the wardrobe but I plan to get another hanging tidy.

NotABanana Tue 03-Jun-08 17:18:48

I have this by the front door for the kids school shoes, trainers, slippers and Dh's work shoes. My wellies are in the garage and the kids wellies are in the car.

HarleyQuinn Tue 03-Jun-08 17:55:20

A small wooden shoe rack that lives in the hallway for me smile

ComeOVeneer Tue 03-Jun-08 17:57:39

Wellies each have their own waterproof bag and are in the boot of the car. No football boots yet. Gym shoes in gym bags kept in utility room on a peg. No timberlands/walking boots.

ComeOVeneer Tue 03-Jun-08 18:02:23

My other numerous pairs of shoes in another matter! grin

dylsmum1998 Tue 03-Jun-08 18:26:16

throen in the bottom of the shoe cupboard, every so often i go and tidy them all up. keep meaning to by sme kind of rack to put them tidyly on but always something else i need to get hmm

thewiltedrose Tue 03-Jun-08 18:27:23

i use my hallway, the whole hallway, you have to navagate shoes when you leave and eneter the house, getting the pram out is a bitch, i often go into town with shoes attached.

maidamess Tue 03-Jun-08 18:29:26

As much as I wish i could store my shoes like this

the reality is a little more like this


DirtySexyMummy Tue 03-Jun-08 18:29:54

Does anyone have a lot of shoes and literally no space for storage? I have to keep all mine in a big box just now and it breaks my heart as it is ruining them, and I can't see them all so I forget what I even have.

I desperately need a solution.

I have a load still in boxes, which is fine, but I don't have boxes for the rest. In fact, where can I but shoe boxes?

pookamoo Tue 03-Jun-08 18:33:07

You can buy those clear ones online at

DirtySexyMummy Tue 03-Jun-08 18:42:28

pookamoo - I love you.

Thank you.

PrimulaVeris Tue 03-Jun-08 18:43:32

On an increasingly crowded Ikea shoe rack, plus:
- out of season footwear crammed in bottom of wardrobe
- wellies competing with hoover and bog roll in cupboard under the stairs
- dh's footwear just dumped by the doorway

DirtySexyMummy Tue 03-Jun-08 18:44:09

Jesus.. they are like, £10.99 for 3!!
This is gonna cost me a fortune

NomDePlume Tue 03-Jun-08 18:44:42

In the porch on normal softwood shelving (painted white).

Other shoes (ones worn less often) are kept in one of my wardrobes on those hanging shoe thingys

wheelybug Tue 03-Jun-08 18:49:01

Everyday shoes in cupboard under the stairs in a basket which needs clearing out as it contains numerous pairs of shoes dd has grown out of. Shoes not worn everyday in their original boxes in a trunk and overspilled into the bottom of the wardrobe.

pookamoo Tue 03-Jun-08 18:52:41

oh sorry! didn't look at the prices that closely! MUST be able to get them cheaper... ebay?

pookamoo Tue 03-Jun-08 18:55:56

[ QQihZ012QQcategoryZ122953QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem]

25 boxes for £28... bit better price...
actually there seem to be loads on there!
Did a search for "shoe boxes" in storage.

Maybe I should start mining out the bottom of my wardrobe and put my shoes in PAIRS for a change! grin

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