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Anyone know anything about central heating/combi boilers?

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pucca Tue 03-Jun-08 14:18:41

A long shot i know, but thought i would ask before we get some £ happy tradesman out.

We have a combi boiler, and the prob is, we cannot get hot water without putting the heating on, which as you can imagine its a bit of a nightmare as we have to remember to put it on prior to needing hot water, and atm we have the heating on (low but still on) and of course we don't need it on with it being warm.

I have a feeling it is prob something daft, but i just don't want to get a hefty call out charge for something that is prob simple.

Anyone have any ideas? or maybe has a dh who would know?


AllieBongo Tue 03-Jun-08 14:24:11

i think ours did this. they have a switch which should flick over from hot water to heating, but it was knackered. it did need an engineer to fix it. I think it cost about £200. I'm not an expert, so it may be something else...

southeastastra Tue 03-Jun-08 14:28:23

yes could be flow switch, ours was about £120 to replace

WendyWeber Tue 03-Jun-08 14:33:00

We just had to get this fixed on ours - it was a diaphragm which switches flow between the two.

Does yours have a switch which lets you keep a small amount of heated water in a little internal tank? If so turn that on and it will get round the problem (it's what the BG engineer did to ours while he was waiting for the part to turn up)

pucca Tue 03-Jun-08 14:36:07

Oh no (sad

We have the manual for the boiler, but it doesn't really say much in there, my engineer dh has had a look and couldn't find any type of switch, oh well looks like we will have to call someone out.

Thanks everyone.

WendyWeber Tue 03-Jun-08 14:36:11

(On ours the switch has 2 settings labelled - I'm not joking - im and inst hot water hmm. He set ours to im anyway, and it worked wink)

scanner Tue 03-Jun-08 14:37:42

Try googling the make and model number, there are sites where people post questions like yours, someone may have already asked.

Mumsnut Tue 03-Jun-08 14:38:16

Your motorized valve has gone. My brother changed his own - he is a journo, so it can't be too technical an operation.

southeastastra Tue 03-Jun-08 14:39:03

diynot is a good site, i've posted a pic of my boiler on there for help!

our flow switch did make a racket when it was on the way out.

WendyWeber Tue 03-Jun-08 14:40:16

Oh, pucca sad

We have that BG boiler service contract thing, it's about £200 a year and when you need them they come pretty quickly - could you take that out now, manage with your heating on for a couple of weeks and then call them out? (When ours went, before the engineer came I just turned the heating on, ran the water and then turned it off again - it was a pain but we could have managed like that for a while)

pucca Tue 03-Jun-08 14:56:20

Thanks everyone, i didn't expect anyone to reply about this at all grin

I will suss it out, and will try those sites.

A central heating insurance is definately something i will look into now.

steviemax1 Fri 01-Jan-16 20:37:10

Hiya, our Baxi duo combi was working fine yesterday, we ran out of gas so topped it up today and switched it on, but we get hot water but our heating isn't coming on no matter what we try....tried resetting it, turning thermostat on the wall so it clicks off and on a few times but no joy with either. We just wondered if anybody can give us any advice or help before we have to call an engineer in and risk the expense when we can't really afford it...thanks to all. Happy New Year to all.

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