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HELP MUMSNET!! How do you get biro off a painted wall - staying at Mum's house!!

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misspollysdolly Tue 27-May-08 14:40:42

Mum and Dad due back from holiday tomorrow - we are leaving this evening and DS has just drawn on a newly painted (matt emulsion) wall with biro!! ARGGHH! What will take the mark off without smudging??!!

DS on naughty chair wailing as I type...

shelleylou Tue 27-May-08 14:53:15

is there any paint left?

Meeely2 Tue 27-May-08 14:56:29

one of them flash sponges?

misspollysdolly Tue 27-May-08 15:01:01

shlleylou, yes it's just a surface mark - not deep gauge or anything...

Meeely2 Tue 27-May-08 15:04:38

seriously, those flash sponges are fab, we have a few on standby BUT i can't remember if i have used it on biro before.

I think shelly lou meant if there is some spare paint left, use it and paint over the biro.

solo Tue 27-May-08 15:06:10

Agree Meeely2, they are fab and I do believe they work well on biro too!

belgo Tue 27-May-08 15:06:31

try some toothpaste. That works well for me.

solo Tue 27-May-08 15:06:46

But do be gentle, it's quite abrasive.

tibni Tue 27-May-08 15:07:06

Those flash sponges are brilliant. I have got biro off walls and rubber flooring with them. If you have a local Home Bargains they do a version for about 90p for 2.

Freckle Tue 27-May-08 15:07:54

Have you tried a wet wipe? Failing that an E-cloth will probably do it.

Nursejo Tue 27-May-08 15:08:03

Or Homebase!

purpleflower Tue 27-May-08 15:08:37

Do you think any of these will work on wallpaper? my kitchen has stripes angry

shelleylou Tue 27-May-08 15:11:30

yes i did mean to paint over it

belgo Tue 27-May-08 15:12:14

really, toothpaste has gotton biro off a painted wall in my house.

lucykate Tue 27-May-08 15:14:22

try wet wipes, when dd was little we visited some friends and she drew on their antique leather topped table with a biro, dh distracted them in the kitchen while i desperately tried to clean the mess, it all came off with a wet wipe.

we never told them it happened blush

NotABanana Tue 27-May-08 15:17:05

Make up some warm water with detergent and scrub off.

mybrainaches Tue 27-May-08 15:19:07


foxythesnowfox Tue 27-May-08 15:21:49

Jif/cif cream cleaner
a paste of bicarb of soda?

Of course when you do one patch you then have to wash down the whole wall ...

blinkingthreetimes Tue 27-May-08 15:22:58

An eraser worked for me last week .
Good luck x

pofaced Tue 27-May-08 15:35:44

I don't mean to be unhelpful but whatever else you do, don't paint over it.... our decorator says you can never paint over biro... Hope the removal suggestions work!

belgo Tue 27-May-08 17:20:58

Any success misspollysdolly?

misspollysdolly Tue 27-May-08 20:35:01

Weeeeell...bit of a saga really. 'Helpful' FIL came round (can sense you all wincing at this point...!) with some magic chemical that he has previously used - but it would seem NOT on a matt emulsion wall. ARRRGH! Dabs a bit on and it leaves a huge greasy mark - NIGHTMARE!

So DH finds spare paint (a la shellylou - thanks and sorry for being a bit dim earlier!!) and paints over the biro and now awful mark. Looks fine head-on but from the side you can still see that something untoward has occurred - so will have to seriously 'fess up and offer to pay for wall being repainted in necessary. What a nightmare!

Mum and Dad have just had house totaly re-furb'd after massive flood a year ago (six months living in temporary accommodation) so a bit sensitive re house issues. Will probably notice straight away once home from hols.

Now wishing I'd just left the (relatively small) biro marks and shown them there and then. Much less stress that way. Ho hum...! Thanks for all the suggestions - only sorry FIL got there first...

solo Tue 27-May-08 22:41:55


maidamess Tue 27-May-08 22:42:45

I've used 'Bounce' tumble dryer sheets to get marks off walls before, they worked a treat.

SlightlyMadSweet Tue 27-May-08 22:44:37

Baby wipes are fab.

The flash sponges pulled the paint of SILswall so be careful.

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