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OK, genius Mumsnetters, what is/are CHAMECASES ?

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PortAndLemon Tue 27-May-08 10:46:35

Following on from headfairy's thread, I now have a request from my cleaner: "I NEED A CHAMECASES, COULD YOU BUY FROM THE SHOP PLEASE".

Any ideas?

hana Tue 27-May-08 10:52:13

maybe a chamois cloth?

PortAndLemon Tue 27-May-08 11:16:29

Ooh, that's an idea...

PortAndLemon Tue 27-May-08 21:40:03

Anyone have any other suggestions?

PortAndLemon Thu 25-Sep-08 16:02:51

In the unlikely event that anyone was in suspense waiting for the answer, I have it.

chamecases = chemicals


Actually, it does make a lot more sense when you hear her say it, rather than see it written down.

cham = chem
e = i
cas = cals

with an extra "es" tagged on the end to make sure it's a plural.

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