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We need a tall high chair

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AHLH Mon 05-May-08 14:48:49

Our kitchen table is a breakfast bar - it's about 90 cm high. Tables are generally lower - about 75 cm high, and high chairs all seem to be made for this height. I've seen a few with several height settings, but they all seem to be lower. I'm looking for one where the tray table is about 90 cm high or more.

Does anyone know of a tall high chair made for breakfast bars?

Dragonbutter Mon 05-May-08 14:49:58

What about one of those clip on things? Hang on i'll see if i can find a link.

Dragonbutter Mon 05-May-08 14:51:16

like this

AHLH Mon 05-May-08 15:19:17

Hmm yes, seen them , don't really inspire any confidence!

Dragonbutter Mon 05-May-08 15:26:05

I borrowed one once to take on holiday and used it on a breakfast bar. It was fine. That mothercare one looks like you screw tighten it to fix it to the table.

I'll keep thinking though.

NotABanana Mon 05-May-08 15:43:21

Have you looked at Prima Pappa by mamas and Papas? We have one of their chairs and it comes up quite high.

Dragonbutter Mon 05-May-08 15:46:39

Bloombaby Fresco Loft
Tray height up to 91cm.
There is a link to places to buy in the UK. Try John Lewis.
Didn't see a price which usually not a good sign grin

Dragonbutter Mon 05-May-08 15:47:56

Ouch! £240!

maidamess Mon 05-May-08 15:59:34

Ikea do some tall highchairs. I'll find a link

maidamess Mon 05-May-08 16:06:49


AHLH Tue 06-May-08 12:21:46

£240! Ouch, at that price, I'll just look/bend down on baby. Nice looking chair though.

That Ikea one is a chair that is high, rather than a baby high chair, but thanks for the link.

Tom01 Tue 10-Feb-15 02:18:21

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Want2bSupermum Tue 10-Feb-15 02:55:14

Fischer price will do the job. Buy second hand though.

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