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My IRON has fizzled and died - if you love yours tell me about it, I'm sick of rubbish ones

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castille Mon 28-Apr-08 14:02:17

I just want a good, reliable steam iron, not a steam generator whatsit (too big)

Any recommendations?

castille Mon 28-Apr-08 14:14:32

someone must have a decent iron, surely

soremummy Mon 28-Apr-08 14:16:01

Nope would only recommend my big steam generator one its fab

BottlebinBerrie Mon 28-Apr-08 14:22:46

Tee hee I asked this a week or two ago and no-one replied. I looked at the Which? back copies in the library and they recommended in my price range, the Russell Hobbs Steam least that's what it says on the side of mine - it's something like that. I got it from Tesco, not too pricey. It's much better than my old one but not amazing like one with a generator is. We had a second hand one that was on it's way out a while back. It broke in the end but it has spoiled all other irons! grin

BottlebinBerrie Mon 28-Apr-08 14:24:14

Oh and Argos catalogue gives ratings for different features which was quite useful and I noticed that Tesco has a generator one half price. (not that the half priceness is necessarily honest)

soremummy Mon 28-Apr-08 14:24:47

I nearly cried when mine broke and had to use an ordinary one dh went straight to costco that night and got me a replacement one grin

SniffyHock Mon 28-Apr-08 14:28:26

Tefal steam generator - really is fantastic. My Mum got one for about £70 on special offer in Debenhams. I know they're expensive but they are great.

castille Mon 28-Apr-08 14:29:55

Thing is irons don't last long in my hands for some reason, so I don't want to spend a fortune on a generator because I'll break it in no time

soremummy Mon 28-Apr-08 14:33:05

Argos had some steam generators on offer...maybe half price but would it be worth the extra guarantee. My other irons only lasted on average a year but I had the steam one for 4 yrs so works out about the same if not cheaper

soremummy Mon 28-Apr-08 14:35:02

half price

castille Mon 28-Apr-08 14:43:19

Ah yes, maybe they are more robust

And maybe if it cost more I'd be more careful with it..

Will investigate, thanks

nannyL Mon 28-Apr-08 16:15:25

tefal ultra glide are the best ever

i wont iron with any other iron!

SniffyHock Mon 28-Apr-08 22:18:38

Do be wary of buying a cheap steam generator though - My Mum bought my sister one which was rubbish, she ended up buying a tefal. Better to get a more expensive one that is on offer - 'buy cheap, buy twice' and all that wink

chipo Mon 28-Apr-08 23:25:29

I bought this a few weeks ago to replace my old steam's great, saves so much time.

wrinklytum Mon 28-Apr-08 23:31:35

I recently bought a Tesco value one for 4 squid-its been great!!!!

sallystrawberry Mon 28-Apr-08 23:36:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

expatinscotland Mon 28-Apr-08 23:37:32

throw it out!

they're the spawn of Satan!

get rid of it and experience freedom.

KerryMum Mon 28-Apr-08 23:39:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sallystrawberry Mon 28-Apr-08 23:39:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

castille Tue 29-Apr-08 08:21:15

sorry expat, I just don't like creased clothes. But I only iron things that need it (but my MIL irons towels and pantshmm).

And having a decent iron makes it all so easy - try it an experience crease-free loveliness!

Fizzylemonade Tue 29-Apr-08 11:51:01

I agree with NannyL - Tefal ultraglide, it is all I have ever bought for the last 13 years. Oooh that makes me sound soooo old shock I have only bought 3 in that time.

We only iron what is absolutely necessary so work shirts and trousers for DH and uniform for DS1 but everything else just gets folded and put away. [slattern emoticon]

squilly Tue 29-Apr-08 16:13:28

Sorry, but I love my steam generator. I could NEVER go back to normal irons again

traceukw1 Tue 29-Apr-08 17:37:12

I recently got this one and it has been Brill so far

castille Tue 29-Apr-08 20:22:02

Oddly Tefal don't seem to sell irons in France (where I am) - wonder why? Or maybe they do but under a different name

I've seen that Philips one though.

Am planning trip to library to read back copies of French Which? now


makeminealargeoneplease Sat 27-Sep-08 16:47:27

Tefal is actually called Calor in France. Just back from holiday in Normandy and bought exactly the same model as the one in the laundry room in the gite we stayed is fantastic, once I'd experienced using a steam generator I had to have one. I used to endure creased clothes because I hated ironing now we all have crease free clothes and don't mind ironing because it's done so quickly with this little baby, bought the Calor (Tefal) Express Steam Generator.

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