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Plastic bits of my dishwasher are going orange!!

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RGPargy Thu 17-Apr-08 09:38:26

Is this limescale and will dishwasher cleaner remove it?


Dropdeadfred Thu 17-Apr-08 09:41:57

it's probaly from any tomato-based foods on the crockery..bolognaise, chilli etc

RGPargy Thu 17-Apr-08 09:55:12

hmmm i spose it could be from the bolognaise pan...... hmm



Dropdeadfred Thu 17-Apr-08 10:07:04

soaking any removable bits in mild bleach should help....i had this once and running it on empty on the hottest wash helped alot

belgo Thu 17-Apr-08 10:08:00

yes it's from bolognese!

SlartyBartFast Thu 17-Apr-08 10:09:18

happens to me too.
really annoying,
plastic children's snack pots, all turn orange.

<<remember not to put in dishwasher>>

claricebeansmum Thu 17-Apr-08 10:09:23

Agree with DropDeadFred - it's tomatoes- especialy tom puree

LittleMissNorty Thu 17-Apr-08 10:10:46

My DD has pink teats on her bottles due to this!

RubyRioja Thu 17-Apr-08 10:12:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SoupDragon Thu 17-Apr-08 10:12:29

Leaving them in the sun helps get rid of the orange hue.

Uriel Thu 17-Apr-08 10:13:58

I rinse stuff out before I load the dishwasher, then run it on a rinse, clean the filter (again) and then run it properly.

Filter is sometimes orange after the rinse but that comes off easily then.

RGPargy Thu 17-Apr-08 10:14:31

What a complete tho, eh?! I never even thought about the bolog sauce staining my lovely new shiny dishwasher! Arse!

Will try bleaching any removable bits (not sure there are any!) and will also run it on v. hot empty. Do you put any detergent in when you do that??

SoupDragon Thu 17-Apr-08 10:15:55

Does it matter what they look like? Do you stand gazing at the interior of your dishwasher??

cmotdibbler Thu 17-Apr-08 10:17:17

In the past I have found that a nice soak in Milton solution has succesfully removed the orange stain from plastics put in with spag bog pan

LittleMissNorty Thu 17-Apr-08 10:21:12

what about this....I've used it before to give dw a general clean and its pretty good (don't know how well it cleans orange plastic though). You can get it in tesco's

RGPargy Thu 17-Apr-08 10:27:54

Soupdragon - After having one as a teenager when living with my parents and then NOT having one for 20 years, yes i DO stand gaze at the inside of my new shiny dishwasher lol. wink Seriously tho, i am very fussy about keeping my stuff in good order and really HATE it when my stuff gets spoilt. blush

I am going to buy some Finish cleaner today just to see if that helps.

PeaMcLean Sun 03-Aug-08 19:37:12

RG did anything work? I'm sick of DS's lunch boxes going orange.

pgwithnumber3 Sun 03-Aug-08 21:06:49

I saw a Fairy Dishwasher tablet advert the other day and it said things go orangey in your dishwasher because the tablets you use are too "hard". I have noticed that when I have used cheaper tablets, things have gone orange.

BettySpaghetti Sun 03-Aug-08 21:15:25

We've got some bowls that are terracotta and only glazed on the inside -these turn plastics orange too.

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