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Sebo versus Dyson ...FIGHT! (in the voice of street fighter)

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staryeyed Wed 16-Apr-08 15:20:12

My lovvverly Sebo has just been delivered and its so nice. I am going to cherish it and polish it daily[saddo emoticon].

I dare you to suggest your Dyson is better than my amazing Sebo.

ClareVoiant Wed 16-Apr-08 15:30:17

I've never heard of a sebo, but fully intend to check it out, i hate my dyson, its the worst investment i ever made. It cost me 260quid. Bloody thing. Can you do a link to your sebo?

staryeyed Wed 16-Apr-08 15:35:37

yep its here:

Mine is the K3 volcano (red one) This was the best price I found for it anywhere. I was a bit hmm about it being so cheap with free delivery as well, but I ordered Monday it came today. It does very well in reviews. I sound like an advert.

traceukw1 Thu 17-Apr-08 11:29:01

I have a Sebo as well and i love it far superior to the Dyson imho (and i have had one so can compare the two).

blossomsmine Thu 17-Apr-08 11:52:53

Mmmmmm????hmm i need a new machine....whats so good about a sebo then?????

staryeyed Thu 17-Apr-08 12:23:46

Its really well made German machine. It comes with 5 years guarantee for parts and labour. Its got a good power motor and comes with different brush heads for carpet and hardwood floors.

I was thinking about a Dyson because I would have liked a bagless but when I researched a lot of people said that their Dysons had broke/lost suction. Sebo has much better reviews.

zippitippitoes Thu 17-Apr-08 12:24:55

i say henry

FeverishFish Thu 17-Apr-08 12:26:14

had sebo
didnt like
have new tiny dyson
adore more than prev dysons

TaLcY Thu 17-Apr-08 12:28:13

which little dyson, cod?
I'm after a little dyson.

solo Thu 17-Apr-08 12:30:24

Dyson, 10 years old, fabulous, fabulous, fabulous!

SheikYerbouti Thu 17-Apr-08 12:31:52

Hen er ry

ClareVoiant Thu 17-Apr-08 12:50:57

i miss my meile,is the sebo light? i hate my dyson,cos its heavy and cumbersome,the hose isnt long enough and the attachments are rubbish,and.... it has never managed to get the sock fluff off the carpet, even with the turbo brush,which my cheapy carpet sweeper seems to manage. so i have to hoover and thensweep the carpet. its not right i tell you.

FeverishFish Thu 17-Apr-08 12:54:25

the new tiny one some of us got Free
its on tv

FeverishFish Thu 17-Apr-08 12:55:01

si htis it?

staryeyed Thu 17-Apr-08 12:56:05

I wouldn't say that my Sebo is particularly light but its made of good strong stuff.

Feverish fish = Cod? Your wrong I tell you [Still silently seething about not being selected for Dyson trials]

ClareVoiant Thu 17-Apr-08 13:18:26

mine is a cylinder not an upright. i was looking for a link,but i guess they dont make it anymore,cos i cant find one.... probably cos its rubbish. and another thing,the cord rewind is also pants!

Nbg Thu 17-Apr-08 13:20:48

Oooh jealous.

I want a new one and I was eyeing up a Sebo or Miele as a replacement.

Alas, dh says we've to have the wanky dyson fixed hmm

ClareVoiant Thu 17-Apr-08 17:09:35

are the bags reasonably priced? and easy to get hold of?

staryeyed Thu 17-Apr-08 19:17:08

Umm blush I forget to look. It comes with 2 bags I think they are reasonably priced . I'll check.

staryeyed Thu 17-Apr-08 19:20:34 £6.99 for 8 bags I think that's reasonable....I think.

claricebeansmum Thu 17-Apr-08 19:22:46

Love Sebo.
Had mine for 8 years and never gone wrong. Many hotels use them.

Henry is small and dumpy. Is not even in same league as Sebo.

Islamum Thu 17-Apr-08 19:28:47

My friend whos a nurse asked the hospital cleaners for a recommendation, they said don't touch dyson because emptying bagless cleaners is unhygenic and messy, sebo all the way, I love mine so very much

staryeyed Thu 17-Apr-08 19:33:32

Sebo wins hands down I thank you.grin

ClareVoiant Fri 18-Apr-08 11:32:22

Ooo, that is reasonable :-) can i find them in the shops so i can have a good nosey before i buy online?

staryeyed Fri 18-Apr-08 12:43:44

Yes there are shops. Here use the online store locator:

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