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Cleaning grey pan marks off a butler sink ...

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RubySlippers Wed 02-Apr-08 15:07:58

what can i clean the marks off with?

there are lots of grey "scratch" marks on the bottom of the sink from when i have been cleaning pans etc

tried bleach - am sure i have heard pumice is good but i could be wrong


BeauLocks Wed 02-Apr-08 15:09:42

I'll be watching this thread. I have the same problem!

poshwellies Wed 02-Apr-08 15:11:40

Same problem here..wouldn't a pumice scratch?

RubySlippers Wed 02-Apr-08 15:13:34

that is what i thought, but i am sure i read it in The Times (think Aggie from how clean is yuor house has a column in the paper)

BeauLocks Wed 02-Apr-08 15:14:37

You go first!

RubySlippers Wed 02-Apr-08 15:15:32

LOL beau!

i double dare you to go first


BeauLocks Wed 02-Apr-08 15:16:13


PotPourri Wed 02-Apr-08 15:17:08

Cream cleaner, or bicarb on a cloth. Yes they are slightly abrazive, but once hte scratches are there, there's nothing else for it really. I use ecover cream cleaner and find it brings it up really nicely

WendyWeber Wed 02-Apr-08 15:17:17

Have you got a microfibre cloth? Have a go with that first - they seem to be able to shift most "stubborn stains"...

poshwellies Wed 02-Apr-08 15:17:51

guess we should all buy a horrible plastic bowl so we don't get scratches

poshwellies Wed 02-Apr-08 15:34:37

Just found this..

"Whilst fireclay sinks are extremely hard wearing, there are a number of points to consider in order to keep your sink looking its best. Richard gave me a few tips here too. “You can clean everyday stains such as tannin from tea, coffee or red wine with a non-abrasive liquid or cream cleanser – try using ‘Cif’ or washing up liquid," he says. "To remove really stubborn marks such as pencil thin grey lines from aluminum saucepans I recommend ‘Astonish’ paste"

and heres the linky for Astonish!20564?src=gakts&sq=astonish%20paste

RubySlippers Wed 02-Apr-08 15:42:50

bicarb - have that already so will try tonight
microfibre cloth - will buy one

thanks for the link PW smile - i used to use that astonish paste for stainless steel stuff

Mung Wed 02-Apr-08 15:48:20

I use a pierre d'argent and my sink comes up really clean. Nothing works as well as that and I have tried bicarb, vinegar, household cleaners...
My Mum told me that she had seen an equivalent with an English name the other day too.

BeauLocks Wed 02-Apr-08 16:08:16

I've tried cif - it just dried out my smooht and silky hands. smile

I use astonish on the aga (not hot plates obv). Will try it tonight and report back.

RubySlippers Wed 02-Apr-08 20:44:42

i used bicarb on the sink and it removed around 90% of the marks

it may well have removed 100% had i not got bored of scrubbing blush

anyway, it looks MUCH better

poshwellies Thu 03-Apr-08 16:20:56

I bought some astonish today and have used it-it works!

Got a nice gleaming sink now smile

sandiemac Thu 09-Feb-17 14:12:58

just got rid of the grey steel marks on my bathroom sink ( left by a plumber ) by using Hob Bright ceramic hob cleaner. Used a micro fibre cloth dry as the hob cleaner is a semi paste. Worked a treat.

sandiemac Thu 09-Feb-17 14:15:22

ceramic hob cleaner does the trick.

soundsystem Thu 09-Feb-17 14:17:36

I use Barkeeper's Friend (you can get it on Amazon if your supermarket doesn't have it). Put the powder on, leave for 10-15 mins, add a small amount of water and rub off with a sponge scourer.

Ilovecaindingle Thu 09-Feb-17 14:18:55

Magic sponge and cream cleaner.

TheReturnoftheSmartArse Thu 09-Feb-17 14:47:21

I'm with soundsystem - Barkeeper's Friend is the answer to EVERYTHING.

BuilderGuy Fri 01-Dec-17 00:15:49

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BuilderGuy Fri 01-Dec-17 00:16:44

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HappydaysArehere Sat 02-Dec-17 18:23:54

poshwellies was told to use Astonish cream cleaner when I rang the manufacturers of my ceramic sink. I had only had it a few days when I noticed these “scratches”. It worked straight away.

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