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whats your cleaning routine?

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cheesesarnie Sun 23-Mar-08 21:08:58

whats done daily and whats weekly/fortnightly or whatever?

pedilia Sun 23-Mar-08 21:13:44

I hoover, wash down work tops,clean the bathrooms,do washing and tidying every day.

I polish the dining table, mop the kitchen floor and iron every other day.

I dust once a week and polish kitchen units/bar stools 2-3 times a week

octavia Sun 23-Mar-08 21:45:57



Make beds
empty waste bins
pick things up if left on floor
air rooms

wipe sinks/bath/shower
wipe loo around with wet wipe cleaning thingys

Take washing down


empty/load dishwasher
put washing on/hang washing out
do nappies
wipe surfaces
sweep and wash kitchen floor
take rubbish out

air sitting room
tidy around/hoover if necessary
empty bin

sweep hall floor


change linen on beds
dust/hoover bedrooms/landing/stairs
clean bathroom mirrors
limelite sinks & bath
clean shower door

hoover downstairs
wash all floors
wipedown doors (sticky fingers)


clean cooker
inside windows
clean fridge

its all never ending isn'tsad

80sMum Sun 23-Mar-08 21:47:20

Cleaning? Routine?

cheesesarnie Sun 23-Mar-08 21:57:48

blimey octavia!i might paste your routine to my notice board!my house may stay tidy them!its tidy at the moment as blitzed yesterday but i doubt itll last long.

beaniesteve Sun 23-Mar-08 21:59:38

I vacuum about onece a week.
Clean the bathroom when it looks untidy.
Rarely have a clean kitchen- there's always dirty plates around.

I change sheets on my bed once a week.
I put washing in every day or every other day but only iron stuff as I need it.

wiggleit Sun 23-Mar-08 22:01:39

I don't have a routine as such but i'm always on top of things. I clean the bathroom most days, clean the kitchen floor most days, sweep it every day, several times! vacuum once a week throughout, clean sinks worktops etc everyday. My Dh thinks i have ocd but i'm juxt a clean n tidy freak!! I clean the cooker every time it's used (every day) , wash when i can see it building up, iron very little heehee (that is the one thing i don't obsess about!), like you say, it's never ending.

octavia Sun 23-Mar-08 22:02:35

My house is never tidy honestly! its clean I suppose as long as you dont look in the cornersgrin but no one ever puts anything away and dh is the worst even he admits thats!

cheesesarnie Sun 23-Mar-08 22:04:20

how can your house not be tidy with that list!?seriously im going to try it!

llareggub Sun 23-Mar-08 22:04:29

I have a mad panic once a week tidying up before the cleaner arrives. She cleans. I hand over a cheque.

Other than that, the kitchen gets done everyday, together with the dining table. Loos get cleaned when I remember in between cleaner.

Beds get changed weekly or whenever they need it inbetween.

octavia Sun 23-Mar-08 22:11:36

lol honestly its not.I do that list and more everyday ( accept when I had help for a few weeks after giving birth)and still its never tidy ok its not as bad as the homes in how clean is your house but its like the tazmanian devil has been in it once dh is home and if I leave him alone with the children then it takes me 3hrs to clean up.

beaniesteve Sun 23-Mar-08 22:14:32

Do you have bookcases full of books and bits and pieces?

cheesesarnie Sun 23-Mar-08 22:17:17

everywhere full of bits and peicesgrin

octavia Sun 23-Mar-08 22:19:18

not really,I don't like ornaments tbh,bookcases are in our bedrooms and 1 in the dining room.The things ds1 makes at school are put on display for a while then I put them in the "memory box" I even take cards down the day after the event!

Psychomum5 Sun 23-Mar-08 22:20:48

I do one room per day, altho kitchen and lounge are done each day.

toilets are cleaned and bleached at least every other day as I go to bed, if not each day, and sinks alos cleaned as I go to bed.

hallway done most days, or at least, de-cluttered as often as possible.

fridge/oven/washing down the cupboards.......normally done in stages while I am cooking. ei, 1 one day, 1 the next, another on a different day IYGWIM.

bedding changed as soon as I get to the bottom of the washing basket, which happens on a weds and sat, so 2/3 beds per week. (with 5 kiddies, we have 6 beds in th house). means each bed done at least every two weeks, unless it is dry blowy weather and then weekly!

dusting done on the weekend by the kiddies.

windows done by BIL as he does window cleaninggrin.

BITCAT Sun 23-Mar-08 22:29:02

I clean toilet, bathroom, put clean clothes away, put washing on twice a day, make beds, empty bins if needs doing, hoover downstairs, wipe worktops down, wash dishes after lunch and tea everyday. Once a week i will dust whole house, hoover upstairs, change sheets, and covers, clean out fridge and wipe down. Once a month clean windows, wash net curtains and clean carpets! And mop floors everyday of course! Oven gets cleaned every month and i clean down hob everytime its used!!

MadameCh0let Sun 23-Mar-08 22:33:58

I just take an anti-histamine.

jenniejennie Sun 23-Mar-08 22:37:30

I got a cleaner wink

BITCAT Sun 23-Mar-08 22:41:49

Wish i could afford a never ends..although will be expecting more from the children when they get older, like washing up now and again or taking out rubbish etc..tidying there own rooms and i have to say my 9yo will get hoover out and have a good go at floor if i ask him to..bless him!!

cheesesarnie Mon 24-Mar-08 20:47:43

blimey!after reading this last night the unbelievable happened-i started tidyingshockive spent last night and today cleaning!i now atleast have a clean bedroom(ive got a floor!),kitchen and bathroom!5 bags of charity stuff,5 bags of outgrown clothes to be stored(just incase!) and 3 bags of rubbish!grintomorrow itll be messy!

octavia Tue 25-Mar-08 10:34:31

yes it probably will but at least it will clean!

cheesesarnie Wed 26-Mar-08 12:34:56

i was right-its messy againgrin

cheesesarnie Wed 26-Mar-08 20:57:08

octavia- i copied your list down and did it today and will stick to it for a bit to see if i can become domestic godess!grin dh wonders whats going on!the house smelt of polish and we have carpetsgrin!

Mum2b2BabyRoo Wed 26-Mar-08 21:25:47

I copied your list too Octavia - I seem to need something I can refer to or I just forget

cheesesarnie Wed 26-Mar-08 21:35:14

Mum2b2BabyRoo -exactly me too!i need a checklist!

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