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What do I do with the unwanted cuddly toys?

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MirandaG Tue 18-Mar-08 00:23:56

I have a bin bag full of cuddly toys that I need to get rid of, but don't want to just bin. I don't think most charity shops would take this many, so is there anywhere else that takes them? I live in west London. I'm not being really nasty and throwing out favourites or anything - DD1 has an unbelievable number because she was the first grandchild on both sides. Trust me - she will not notice. Am logging off now, but if anyone has any ideas I would be really grateful to hear them. Thanks!

avenanap Tue 18-Mar-08 00:25:47

Childrens hospital. Some little mites don't have anything to cuddle when they are ill sad. I think some don't accept them though because of the germs they spread hmm

Jenkeywoo Tue 18-Mar-08 00:27:49

do you get those bags through the door from charities that they collect? I'd chuck them all in. I am forever getting rid of my dd's 1000's of cuddly toys and then like a fool we go to the charity shop every week and buy someone else's donated tat!.. and then in a few weeks time I will donate it again and so the cycle continues.

AlwaysTheMummy Wed 19-Mar-08 18:36:50

How about freecycle or ringing local schools to see if they want them for raffle prizes xx

FrannyandZooey Wed 19-Mar-08 18:38:05

we found the hospital would not take them as they could not be cleaned regularly, but charity shop were happy to have

another alternative is donate to local school for tombola prizes?

dizzychixies Wed 19-Mar-08 18:46:15

charity shops/ jumble sales/ we give a lot of stuff to our nursery as although we pay fees they are also a registered charity through the church and are very grateful for good condition second hand goods

doctors/dental surgeries/ local mother and toddlers groups/ womans refuge etc

hifi Wed 19-Mar-08 18:51:17

i put anything i dont want outside my front gate at 8am, usually by 5pm theres nothing left, if there is it goes to charadee.

Flight Wed 19-Mar-08 18:52:11

Do you have any blankie type ones? If so ebay them - a mangy rabbit went for £72 the other week. Desperate parents methinks smile

Flight Wed 19-Mar-08 18:53:02

Oh Avenanap, that's like the Velveteen Rabbit sad

Furball Wed 19-Mar-08 18:56:50

Somebody here said she washes hers and makes them little adoption certificates with names etc and sells them on a stall at the school fete for the schools funds

bubblagirl Wed 19-Mar-08 19:02:41

i give mine to social services use to be able to give to hospitals not sure if allowed anymore but mine get sent on to womens refuges

also you could ask nurseries or play groups i like the fact mine go to mums and babies that ahve nothing

MirandaG Thu 20-Mar-08 22:28:33

Thanks all. Some good idease - now I just have to motivate myself to actually carry them out!

MirandaG Sat 22-Mar-08 12:53:07

If anyone is else is looking for somewhere to give toys - Barnardo's took them happily! (Oxfam wont take them) Also discovered our local waste recycling centre takes toys.

Anasta7553 Wed 05-Nov-14 16:01:33

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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