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How dirty is the inside of your car?

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helenelisabeth Mon 18-Feb-08 21:01:03

I am ashamed of my car, it is fecking atrocious inside, banana skins, apple cores, bits of Greggs sausage roll grin, the list goes on...

Just wanted to know, do you fall into the above category or do you have your car valeted weekly?

Quattrocento Mon 18-Feb-08 21:19:38

I do indeed have my car valeted. Not weekly. More like every couple of months or so. but it is so worth doing. Better than a pampering session. All the fabric bits - the trims and carpets get steam cleaned. they put super shiny stuff on everything and it smells yummy

do it now

Hallgerda Mon 18-Feb-08 21:20:13

Mine is dusty and muddy, but has no horrid food waste as nobody eats in it.

So I'm somewhere between the two extremes.

FioFio Mon 18-Feb-08 21:20:21

Message withdrawn

helenelisabeth Mon 18-Feb-08 21:20:52

My 2008 New Years Resolution was to clear my car out every evening, I think I have broken it. blush

Quattrocento Mon 18-Feb-08 21:21:36

Everyone is BANNED from eating and drinking in my car. They are allowed bottled water but nothing else

A very good rule IMO

helenelisabeth Mon 18-Feb-08 21:22:00

Rats wouldn't dare live in my car FioFio, not clean enough.

PrincessPeaHead Mon 18-Feb-08 21:22:52

actually I did once have a MOBILE valet bloke who came to the house and tarted up my car just before I sold it
It looked so good I almost didn't sell it! And it only cost about £40. Hmmm. Where is that number?!!

Mercy Mon 18-Feb-08 21:23:04

Ours isn't too bad actually.

Or at least I thought it was until dh found a sandwich pack full of green, blue and grey hairy lumps in the glove compartment blush

HuwEdwards Mon 18-Feb-08 21:25:38

DP calls my car affectionately

... 'the skip'

SnappyVelour Mon 18-Feb-08 21:28:24

ooh yes, the mobile valet man comes and does all the cars. once a month. [lives on another planet, but knows it emoticon]

but hang on.... quattros valeting sounds much more thorough than mine, where am i going wrong?? grin

pedilia Mon 18-Feb-08 22:31:09

OPFP- no but i do have to transport water containers,rugs and feed bucketsgrin
although my smallest one would fit in the back she is so tiny!

notnowbernard Mon 18-Feb-08 22:34:49

My car is our spare roomgrin

Basically, it's a tip, houses lots of junk and random objects.

It's also a great storage area for Baby Annabel and all her God-awful paraphernalia

WendyWeber Mon 18-Feb-08 22:36:03

Internally mine suffers mostly from breadcrumbs (DS2 always has to buy a French stick at the supermarket and always has to rip it apart in the car on the way home) plus mud.

Externally it's cement dust (from plant up the road) plus mud plus general filth plus algae growing on the nearside door mirror and window rubbers shock (the car is usually parked parallel to the house and facing S so those bits get no sun).

Scrubbing the car is tomorrow's half-term project grin

seeker Mon 18-Feb-08 22:42:58


onepieceoflollipop Mon 18-Feb-08 22:48:24

Even those of you with beautifully clean cars would probably be surprised what lurks under the dcs seats - unless you are organised enough to take them out and hoover underneath. Stale raisins anyone?

Califrau Mon 18-Feb-08 22:51:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

helenelisabeth Mon 18-Feb-08 23:08:51

Califrau, how nice to have sunshine though. Venice Beach nearly sent me running scared for the next flight home when I visited. Whereabouts are you?

KerryMum Mon 18-Feb-08 23:12:13

I've always wondered if my car is the only tip around.

Twiga Mon 18-Feb-08 23:15:52

Terrible! I have to say it's not just my toddler who's to blame, dh's many pastry based snacks when driving home late when on-call at work are a major culprit for crumbs, rubbish, discarded drinks bottles etc. Drop your loose change in ours and it's gone forever under a sea of junk!

Flibbertyjibbet Mon 18-Feb-08 23:18:54

I am proud to report that inside and out of my car is clean, tidy and gleaming.
However it took a full hoover bag to hoover up all the crumbs and crap, two carrier bags of toys, hats, socks,sunshields etc, childrens car seats now seem a different colour (oh yes i washed them) and the windows are free of kiddie fingerprints and toddler spit.
I HAD to wash and clean it out, it was disgusting and starting to smell there was so much food and banana skins festering under the child seats....
Sadly thats the first clean its had since about last June and its only still in that condition cos the kids haven't been in it since I cleaned it yesterday afternoon...

MrsJohnCusack Tue 19-Feb-08 01:30:13

mine is skanktastic
full of empty coffee things and old bits of crap from the children. But to be fair, most of the mess is mine, not theirs!

laura032004 Tue 19-Feb-08 06:51:58

I do empty mine fairly regularly (about once a month), but can always fill a few bin liners - rubbish, discarded clothes (mainly socks!) & spare coats.

We went on holiday last year, and left the car in an airport carpark. DS1 must have had a drink of milk on the way in the car, because when we got back a week later, there was a patch of mould on the floor blush. It's been bleached and everything, but it's ruined the carpet.

I regularly vacuum out the car seats, but it never fails to amaze me how much stuff accumulates inside them.

A friend told me about a fab valeting service he'd had for £12. Said his car looked fab afterwards. But then he doesn't have kids.....

Anna8888 Tue 19-Feb-08 07:26:47

Car is valeted weekly grin

GooseyLoosey Tue 19-Feb-08 07:30:55

Mine is spotless and beautiful and not a wrapper or sticky finger mark can be found.

This may be because I have only had it a week and the dcs have yet to introduce their manied and varies collections of stones, twigs, decaying plant life and broken bits of plastic. Better enjoy it while it lasts.

seeker Tue 19-Feb-08 07:45:48

Anna - I want your life!

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